Idolatrous - Sorrow on Midgard - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Wednesday January 24 2024, 7:57 PM
 Idolatrous - Sorrow on Midgard - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

 Idolatrous - Sorrow on Midgard - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here

Idolatrous are a from Portland, Oregon and were founded by Michael Priest as he then recruited the very best musicians in the North West of America playing melodic death metal before the band released their debut album ‘Sorrow on Midgard’.

Beginning with an intro which has the great ambience of a world and civilisation long ago, ‘Sorrow of Midgard’ then kicks in to a flurry of immense blast beats and an amazing rumbling rasping rhythm before the growling guttural vocal of Eric ‘Red’ Scherzinger thunders into action on ‘Predecessor’. This sets the scene for everything that Idolatrous are going to tell us about. Then ‘The Harrowing Reprisals’ arrives and is about turning against your overlord which is joined by pounding drums which are awesome and really keep the energy going. ‘Chasing Shadows’ reminds me of an ancient Viking remembering his fallen friends and family and the skugge, which is Norse for shadows all around in him while ‘The Wolf’s Ghost’ makes me think of the “Ulehednar” wolf warriors in battle going berserk not feeling any pain from minor to terminal injuries . ‘Asgard’ then regales the listener instantly making me think of a warrior waking up in the realm of the Norse gods with his spirit heart pounding at the wonders around him as he sees all the tales of the gods passed down through the generations. Following this is ‘Return to War’, a track which has all the hallmarks of Midgard battle where the frost giants, Loki, his children, Fenrir and the serpent of the world are all battling Odin, Thor and the other gods during the Ragnarok as all the slain warriors are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries. 

This is all wrapped up and delivered with all the blast beats and rhythmic buzzsawing guitars that you could ever wish for and any fan of Amon Amarth, Emperor and Paradise Lost will love it, particularly those vocals of Red who’s growling and guttural vocals remind me very much of Johan Hegg. If you like your Viking themed melodic death metal, then ‘Sorrow of Midgard’ is definitely an album to pick up. Metal Digest

Release Date:  Feb 24th, 2023

FFO: Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Insomnium 

Location:Portland Oregon

Short Bio: Battle-influenced aggressive melodic death-metallers, IDOLATROUS, were conjured under the grey skies of Portland, Oregon. Take a closer look into the heart of IDOLATROUS, and you’ll find yourself confronted by 1000 enemies. Revenge, war, betrayal, sacrifice, sorrow, and strength are the roots that bind this faction of seers.  Imagined Norse atmospheres set the backdrop to this modern exposition of technical and melodic storytelling. IDOLATROUS weave tapestries of strife, and deliver harbingers of woeful bloodshed at the feet of false idols.”

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