American Warnoise Band Announce Decimating Self-Titled Debut Album - Track Premiered at Machine Music. Monday November 20 2023, 6:18 PM
American Warnoise Band Announce Decimating Self-Titled Debut Album - Track Premiered at Machine Music.

We’re very excited to announce the debut self-titled album by emerging East Coast chaos-mongering warnoise terrorists Sulfuric Hatred (formed by vocalist Alexander Jones of Undeath, guitarist/bassist Liam McMahon of Vile Ritual, and Sam Shereck of Stabbed, Exsanguinated, Bowel Erosion, Blame God, ex-Pink Mass, ex-Reeking Aura etc.).

The cataclysmic debut offering has been teased by always attentive music blog Machine Music, who in premiering the song “Foul Poison Insatiable” have remarked how the release represents “one of the best, most ferocious death metal albums of the year.“ - you can read the feature and check out the song HERE .

The self-titled Sulfuric Hatred album brings a new meaning and purpose to the concept of dehumanizing music and of its forced transmutation into a weapon. Bringing the listener to their knees to surrender, succumb and dissolve before the omnipotency and immensity of absolute armageddon, across its elven tracks and thirty four minutes of musical terrorism, Sulfuric Hatred experiment on human senses the limits and effects of complete audial insanity. Black metal, grindcore, and death metal in this context can be used as nothing more than simplistic references for the sake of generalization, as the actual and true fabric really materializing this abomination is something that can hardly be associated to music and which is actually closer to pure noise, to other forms of experimental sensorial warfare or to abstract idealizations of pure terror. An underlying contradiction that can not be overlooked defines this senseless display of audial savagery: where in most bands and subgenera of extreme music an antihuman aspect is sought out musically, in the case of Sulfuric Hatred, the formula of bass, guitar, drums and vocals is actually the last human thing standing. The incessant carpet-bombing blasting, the ear-splitting screams, and the mangled, chaotic guitar carnage, in the chaos-torn world of Sulfuric Hatred are nothing but the last shred of humanity left. Everything else being engulfed and devoured in this blown out, noise-broken abomination, is the embodiment of absolute, abstract, and conceptual antihuman bedlam.

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