V/A - “Blast No.1”– Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative - Featured At Metal Hammer! Wednesday September 20 2023, 2:20 PM
V/A - “Blast No.1”– Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative - Featured At Metal Hammer!

V/A - “Blast No.1”– Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative - Featured At Metal Hammer ! Check it out here http://www.metalhammer.it/2023/09/20/type-o-negative-i-783punx-curano-il-disco-tributo-in-uscita-il-22-settembre/

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Release Date:  22nd of September 2023

Peter Steele once said: “I like to put on hardcore when I have to clean my apartment, which I hate to do, but it's motivational. I like old heavy metal when I'm outside working on my car. Music has definite functions for me”. Unfortunately, we don’t know what this Jolly Green Giant would say about grindcore, but luckily, we do know how some top representatives of the world’s most extreme scene see Type O Negative.

Blast No.1 is a tribute to Type O Negative, in which various death, grind, crust, d-beat and powerviolance bands present their interpretation of songs written by Brooklyn’s most characteristic group ever. It’s a crazy blend of blast beats, harsh guitars and growls mixed with melancholy and atmosphere that was always an essential part of ToN’s music. This tribute album is brave, vulgar and extending the boundaries of both grindcore and Peter Steele’s songs. As a matter of fact, many members of most noisy bands on the planet are really dedicated fans of ToN music: genre defying crust pioneers from UK – HELLBASTARD, Polish grind veterans – SCHISMOPATHIC, 1st league Southeast Asia reps – PROLETAR or Ireland’s most deadly weapon - ABADDON INCARNATE … to name a few.

The entire graphical side was thought to be a blend of unique Type o Negative classic style with symbol familiar to every blastcore fan. Credit goes to Ada from Bite The Dust. ( https://www.facebook.com/TylkoKurz)

Blast No.1 is an effect of over two years of work by 783punx and different bands from all over the world. Edi – the brain behind 783punx comments: “When I talked to the bands, I gave them just one condition – take slow and long ToN song and convert it into short and super-fast grindcore song, but try to keep it as recognizable as possible … easy for me to say”. This release was born from love to both Type O Negative and obscure grind. Does this combination sound weird to you? Perhaps …, but is it one of the most honest, surprising, and innovative tribute albums you would ever hear? You’ve been warned! 

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