New Promo: Stone of Duna - Moonsplitter - (Progressive Stoner Metal) Monday September 18 2023, 10:55 AM
New Promo: Stone of Duna - Moonsplitter - (Progressive Stoner Metal)

Release Date: September 22 2023

FFO: Tool, Mastodon, Red Fang

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Stone of Duna from Gothenburg, Sweden, was formed in the fall of 2021 when the three childhood friends Max, David and Arvid teamed up with Marcus, former guitarist and lead clean vocalist of the band Grimner. Over the course of roughly a year, they developed a sound that could be described as stoner metal with more progressive elements, or as to band likes to put it: "sh*t we like to listen to". Their first full-length release "Moonsplitter" is due on September 22. It's a journey through fantastical lyrics, gnarly bass tones, catchy vocal melodies and heavy riffage with a healthy dose of fuzz.

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