New Promo: CIVILIS - Chapter I : Epiphany - (Heavy Metal , Modern Metal , Progressive) Wednesday May 17 2023, 10:57 PM
New Promo: CIVILIS - Chapter I : Epiphany - (Heavy Metal , Modern Metal , Progressive)

Release Date: 24/05/2023

FFO: Bruce Dickinson , Heaven And Hell , Evergrey

Location: Spain

BIO: Is this project a blind action or a simple whim? It is not any.

CIVILIS is the perfect catalyst in our musical lives, the 2 lives and 2 minds in which we are involved
in this story.

CIVILIS comes from patience itself, from knowing how to wait, knowing how to listen, and revealing itself in its right time. And now...It's time. The album and the project were born with a simple mission. A mission of seeking a different and unique approach, without thinking about a couple of stage lights behind us or the roar of an audience. We only thought about the comfort and calmness of someone who comes home after work, sits at his sofa with a beer and lets these songs ring as they, as songs, had to wait so long for their own moment. What we have desired with this project is that everything we managed to capture in what we called a journey of sounds, can be enjoyed in calm. CIVILIS is a delicate story, very much ours, as if it were our only sick son to whom we give the best of us and in our love, we see him as a normal boy. Regardless of the abyss that surrounds him. Back in 2018 our first album entitled CIVILIS – I-A conceptual album was released, under our vision of the closest and key characters around the messiah, a work of 8 songs, totally in Spanish, received recognition in Venezuela as a revelation band, recognition from the company IK MULTIMEDIA, and a very solid rating in the Japanese magazine BURRN!, now 5 years later, we are back with the first chapter of a trilogy, a new story titled "CHAPTER I : EPIPHANY". FELIX MOLINA (OVERGROUND/SILMARILLION) AND BERTRAND CAPE (BLACKBEER)

We invite you to this NEW journey.

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