TODVERHEXEN - Verbotene Hexerei - Reviewed By violentdemisewebzine! Tuesday May 16 2023, 8:22 PM
TODVERHEXEN - Verbotene Hexerei - Reviewed By violentdemisewebzine!

TODVERHEXEN - Verbotene Hexerei - Reviewed By violentdemisewebzine ! check it out here at this link:

Todverhexen is a solo project  coming out of Chile's black metal scene.Verbotene Hexerei is the debut full length featuring eight songs of cold and traditional black metal at it's finest.Musically the band plays a mix of fast paced black metal with some very well performed mid paced sections.The guitars are performed with razor sharp  guitar patterns that are played with intensity.The vocals are grim and raw black metal screams and some screechy vocals are used in a few of the songs.Todverhexen plays a harsh and pimitive black metal style that should please all fans of this genre. violentdemisewebzine

Release Date: 3/20/23

FFO: Judas Iscariot, Drowning the Light, Wampyric Rites

Location: Chile

Short Bio: This rotten entity came froth from the shadows in 2021.  After releasing an impressive EP, Humanity's Plague Prod. came to forge an alliance to spread the pestilence further with a debut full length cd, "Verbotene Hexerei".  TODVERHEXEN  exudes a bloodlust and misanthropy towards humanity while daring to explore the mysteries of the soul in this mortal coil we exist in!  The debut full length of raw and catastrophic black metal that almost seemingly pays tribute to those hordes of the same ilk that came before so long ago.  Far from re-writing the book on black metal but has tapped into its essence of hatred and "alone against all" attitude!

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