New Promo: Sheltered Sun - Commanding The Sceptre - (Symphonic Melodic Death Metal) Tuesday August 9 2022, 5:27 PM
New Promo: Sheltered Sun - Commanding The Sceptre - (Symphonic Melodic Death Metal)

Release Date: 8-20-2022

FFO: Wintersun, Children of Bodom, Epica

Location: Vaasa, Finland

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Sheltered Sun hails from Vaasa, Finland and was created to demonstrate a duality. The name was made as a personification of light and dark, comfort from the light, solace from the dark. These contrasts and abstracts define the band's nature and thematics. Formed in 2019, it consisted of guitarist Niclas Buss, composer Robin Bertlin and singer Eddie DeWitte. Viktorie Surmøvá of SURMA joined as a session singer/guest and Alfred Fridhagen Den Andre came onboard for drums. Oliver Palotai from KAMELOT and EPICA also helped to create some music to accommodate this venture. Bombastic, progressive and unique is how we would describe our sound with many influences of popular classical music and metal acts. We hope to make an impact with our fresh take on Symphonic Metal.

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Sheltered Sun is:

Eddie DeWitte - Growls, Lyrics, Songwriting
Viktorie Surmøvá - Female Vocals
Niclas Buss - All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Alfred Fridhagen Den Andre - Drums

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