Queens of the Stone Age perform “Long Slow Goodbye” in tribute to Anthony Bourdain Sunday June 10 2018, 5:34 PM
The Beast
Queens of the Stone Age perform “Long Slow Goodbye” in tribute to Anthony Bourdain

Josh Homme honors his friend hours after his tragic passing.

Of the many musicians featured on Anthony Bourdain’s television programs, few had a more intimate relationship with the master chef and author than Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. Bourdain visited Homme’s Rancho De La Luna for an episode of No Reservations in 2011, and later Homme composed an original theme song for Bourdain’s CNN show, Parts Unknown.

When news of Bourdain’s death was announced yesterday, Homme posted a heartfelt statement to Twitter, writing, “Dammit Tony. I’m so sorry. I’m so destroyed. I love you brother. I miss you too much already. My love & condolences to Ariane & Ottavia.” Hours later, during Queens of the Stone Age’s set at Denmark’s NorthSide Festival, Homme dedicated the band’s performance of “Long Slow Goodbye” in honor of Bourdain. Via COS

You can replay the band’s full set below (scroll to 46:00 mark for “Long Slow Goodbye”).

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laura.waldron This is what has been said over and over time and again. People can appear to ''Have it All'' money, love, family, friends. travel the world, have your 'dream' job, and still, something, unbeknownst to others, there is something SO sadly wrong. I don't think anyone will ever know the sad and hateful demons that were bothering this man to the point of suicide. How very unfortunate, and what a terrible loss for us left in this world. :(
8 months ago
Zach Moonshine
The Beast tragic no less
8 months ago