UBRUXUM - Band Of The Month - December 2021! Sunday November 28 2021, 9:26 PM
UBRUXUM - Band Of The Month - December 2021!

UBRUXUM wins Band Of The Month on MDR for December 2021! Coming in with a punishing 57,940 votes!

Not your granddaddy’s metal, yank your teeth out to Ubruxum!
Ubruxum are a 2-piece Canadian deathgrind metal band from Toronto.
Formed by guitarist Jim Kollins and bassist Daniel Andreas.
Since 2019, they have been pioneering a new subgenre they call Teeth Grinding Metal.
This new style of metal fuses intense elements of grindcore and death metal, that will make a non-bruxer grind their teeth.
First full length album Mucho Bruxismo released Halloween 2021 in digital and CD format.
With Jim on guitars and vocals, and Daniel on bass and vocals, Mucho Bruxismo showcases Ubruxum’s brutally aggressive short-fused personalities throughout 13 violent life threatening tracks.
Mucho Bruxismo examines themes of death and vomiting dental gore.
No laws no religion, only Ubruxum.

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