We All Die - The Perception Of Hostility - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Sunday September 26 2021, 11:17 AM
We All Die - The Perception Of Hostility - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

We All Die - The Perception Of Hostility - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link: https://metal-digest.com/2021/09/21/we-all-die-the-perception-of-hostility-ep/

      It can take some skill to be truly angry, not angsty, not slightly peeved, but raging with fire at society and no genre does it as good as hardcore. We All Die (WAD) have exploded from New York in true hardcore style with the release of their debut EP ‘The Perception of Hostility’.

                What WAD have achieved with this EP is a release is honed fine, it is as sharp as steel and tempered hard. This means that ‘The Perception…’ has all the raw energetic prowess of the likes of Sick Of It All, Life of Agony and Agnostic Front with its frantic bouncing beats. Yet, there is something heavier here; thrashing riffs cut across the mix like a knife blade bringing in metal elements from the likes of Machine Head. This doesn’t mean that ‘The Perception…’ has a hugely crossover sound, yes it would appeal to that, but tracks such as ‘Bottom Feed’, ‘Poison Tongues’ and the decent ‘Comes in Three’s’ have show there is a much more hardcore sound going on here than your average EP of this nature.

                There is nothing majorly special here, WAD have got a decent starting block to build upon with ‘The Perception…’. This EP is pleasant enough to listen to, it doesn’t really leave much of an impression, but it will be interesting to see where the band go from here. - Metal Digest

Release Date: April, 2020

FFO: Sick Of It All, Machine Head, Black Sabbath, Agnostic Front

New York City band We All Die has released their first EP, The Perception of Hostility. The album features the band’s lineup of bassist Dave Bovenzi, frontman Pugsy, drummer David Ward, and guitarist Jason DiPiano. The Perception of Hostility was released in April 2020 on Numbers Up Records.
Recorded at JMP Productions in West New York, The Perception of Hostility was produced and engineered by Jimmy Williams (Maximum Penalty). We All Die pulls elements of hardcore and thrash to take on a cathartic spectrum of sound.

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