Rotted Through - 'The Depths' - Featured At Mtview Zine! Sunday September 12 2021, 3:25 PM
Rotted Through - 'The Depths' - Featured At Mtview Zine!

Rotted Through - 'The Depths' - Featured At Mtview Zine ! Check it out here at this link:

Release Date: September 9, 2021

FFO: The Black Dahila Murder, Lamb of God, White Chapel, Chestcrush 

Only the New England woods, damned for its witch trials, could produce horror infused death metal such as this. Macabre. Arousing. Vicious. The three piece group crafts a labyrinth of sound and you’ve no compass, light, or rope. The group focuses on crafting cohesive, themed, records developing the horror story they aim to tell. Everything is deliberate. Each time you delve into the catacombs with Rotted Through you’ll find new traps, pitfalls, and snakes coiled to strike. 

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/the_Depths – 

"A Dark Net inspired horror show that gets deliberately heavier the deeper you descend.”

The album is designed in every way to progress downward song by song, from the vocal techniques used to style of guitar play. The concept of the album is the Dark Web; unindexed content which is unavailable on conventional search engines. Each song represents a site or group of sites, which intensifies in severity and abhorrence. Deliberately laid out as a sort of case study into the levels deeper one would need to traverse, incrementally, before engaging in some of the most disgusting and horrific acts, via this anonyms net. The assumed anti-protagonist first can be heard clicking on and viewing a smut video (Infinite_depths), beginning the awful descent.

What Does / B / Keep in the Freezer is a direct quotation from the devious site 4-chan. “What does /b/ keep in the freezer? Guess what’s in mine?” was posted by /b/ which refers to an anonyms member with no profile data. After the silly suggestions of dildos and cat piss, one user posted “Body parts” and the /b/ original poster forwarded gruesome pictures of slightly mummified, severed, body parts from inside a camping ice chest. It would be reasonable to presume most users who end up in the Dark Net, get their feet wet in dubious surface sites. Our character is led by his intrigue for the macabre, to…

 The Onion Router (TOR browser) is one of the only ways to access the Dark Web., a clear play on words, follows the protagonist to his initial interaction with the Dark Net.

 The Silk_en Road refers to the web site Silk Road, a revolutionary marketplace for all things, drug related. This eBay of addiction served approximately fifteen million dollars of drugs to consumers ranging from Cartel drug traders to basement dwelling nerds. Compile a fascination with the gruesome atop a drug fueled psychosis and malevolent acts are sure to follow.

 Disgusting materials can be found with relative ease. The titles of the Dark Wiki (a Dark Web navigation aid) are immediately alarming and off-putting, even to the most brazen of voyager. No one immediately trusts that they are fully anonymous, so users tend to circle the outskirts before heading deeper. In these outer circles of hell, .human Experiment tells the tale of sites were gruesome human experimentation, presumably from the World War I & II era, is conducted and detailed. One of these gruesome sites, Human Experiments features various horrors to include: the effects of bleach on a fetus.

 There are lines you cross as you venture further down, most notably when they affect the real world. Vile_encryption, serves as the amalgamation of “Murder for Hire” sites. Although on its face this may sound farfetched, consider all the police stings of ex-lovers hiring hitmen to “clean up a mess”. Now consider all the ones you don’t hear about.

 Armin Meiwes, on his descent, truly found something “Foul Enough to Eat” when on the Dark Net forum Cannibal Café, he discovered Bernd Brandes; a man who consented to be consumed. The forum, a lewd and vulgar roleplay site, is just a sickening game of cannibalistic provocation to some and clearly to others is a very real way to meet the person you will eat. Bernd Brandes penis was the first thing Armin Meiwes fried in his Rotenberg home. Armin later told investigators during his interrogation, “It may have tasted better, but I burned it”.

 Ever worse than the Cannibal Café, To Stretch… to Tear… describes sites of gross sexual gratification, without consent. Almost too dark to describe, keeping your eyes on this material is beyond morbid curiosity, and truly the threshold into the abyss.

 Red Rooms exist. On the surface web they will be described as a myth, however the media shows their hand when describing NATO pilots set ablaze in cages or ally troops beheaded in Iraq. War torn Africa, The Mexican Cartel, and the Middle East produce clear examples of horrific murder and torture caught on video. After considering the former, are videos of participants sending bitcoin to witness a “live on demand” murder and torture so improbable? /red/room takes you into the agony of such an event.
 Truly the nethermost pit of the depths, the tale of Peter Gerald Scully and his Dark Net Site are utterly unspeakable, and only can be describable as That Which Is Abysmal.

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