Doomstress - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds "The Second Rite" Friday December 15 2017, 10:42 AM
The Beast
Doomstress - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds "The Second Rite"

Remixed Versions of originals
New song Bitter Plea
Uriah Heep cover of Rainbow Demon

Recorded & Mixed at Supernatural Sound in Kvltland, Oh

Mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Studio in Dallas, Texas

Front Cover and Tray Art on the CD by Goatess Doomwych

Wicked Woman 7" art by David Paul Seymour

Live Photos by Jon Lichtenberg

CD Layout by Joe Fortunato

1. Way Of The Mountain
2. Bitter Plea
3. Rainbow Demon (Uriah Heep cover)
4. Sleep Among The Dead
5. Wicked Woman (7" version bonus track)

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NoSlip Records
NoSlip Records Thanks for posting this up, send me your address and I'll send a CD copy to you...
2 years ago
Zach Moonshine
The Beast fuck yeah man il pm you now
2 years ago