VERWILDERD - "Homo Homini Lupus Est" - Reviewed By Sound Magnet! Monday April 5 2021, 5:21 AM
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VERWILDERD - "Homo Homini Lupus Est" - Reviewed By Sound Magnet!

VERWILDERD - "Homo Homini Lupus Est" - Reviewed By Sound Magnet ! Check it out here at this link:

Musically, the Belgians offer driving Death Metal with a deep black note on their debut. By the way, the EP title means “Man is a wolf”.

Dodgy Death Metal with a black note

The opener  No Life For The Weak  is unusually long at over nine minutes and starts with driving drum beats and choppy guitar riffs. Singer Brent Peeters growls and screams his way through the song in a wonderfully aggressive way, which gets trickier with increasing playing time and contains a calmer interlude in the middle part.

Wolves and Thorns,  on the other hand, is an old-school death metal song in the American version. The number grooves along in a strong Morbid Angel manner, whereby Swedish influences can also be recognized in the chorus.  Eyes Sewn Shut  hits the Black Metal notch again.

Nordic fight with atmosphere

Tasting The Soil  ties in seamlessly with its predecessor and surprises with a three-minute ambient intro, which transitions directly into Nordic-cold sounds. The song is by far the most atmospheric number on the EP, Siebe Hermans also shows his blastbeat skills.

The concluding  Hollowed Souls  , however, is the strongest song on  Homo Homini Lupus Est  . Here the band throws all their influences into one pot again and creates a tricky neck breaker out of it, which is loosened up by quiet passages. You can find the video  HERE  .

After half an hour of play, it can be said that the Belgians have potential and understand their craft. If you are into Blackened Death Metal, you should keep an eye on the band - big things could happen here in the future.

Homo Homini Lupus Est  is a successful debut EP by a very young band.  Wilders  don't do a lot wrong, but they still lack a unique selling point. Genre fans will still be prudent and should risk an ear.  7/10
 . - Sound Magnet

Belgium's finest black metal scene breeds anew;

The heavy hitting debut "Homo Homini Lupus Est" from Belgium's Verwilderd has arrived! What do we think of it so far? Absolute madness, utter chaos, and 34 minutes of pure adrenaline on every front. 
Verwildered cumulated elements of the most hard hitting bands the scene has to offer, and threw them into a headbang inducing 5 track EP. 

Check them out on Spotify and add them to your playlists!

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Homo Homini Lupus Est

1. No Life for the Weak
2. Wolves and Thorns (ft. Lukas Risbourg)
3. Eyes Sewn Shut
4. Tasting the Soil (ft. Sunita Haeghebaert)
5. Hollowed Souls

Verwilderd, the up and coming blackened death metal band from Belgium, meshes a multitude of genres together to form a cohesive and thrashing debut release. From the coldness of black metal to the hard-hitting riffs of death metal, Verwilderd alternates between rage, emotion and mere insanity from start to finish. After launching their first single ‘Eyes Sewn Shutʼ in July of last year, they finally released their debut EP ‘Homo Homini Lupus Estʼ as of today.

Verwilderd is:
Brent Peeters: Vocals/Guitar
Bram Janssens: Bass
Siebe Hermans: Drums

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