Watch New Clip From DIMEBAG DARRELL's 'Dimevision Vol. 2 Friday October 27 2017, 2:43 PM
Watch New Clip From DIMEBAG DARRELL's 'Dimevision Vol. 2

With 2006's   "Dimevision Vol. 1: That's The Fun I Have" , fans of   "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott   and his work with   PANTERA   and   DAMAGEPLAN   were afforded the chance to see into the world of the legendary guitarist. Compiled from the many, many hours of video footage captured between the mid-'80s and his later years, it was a funny, touching and poignant memorial.

Metal Blade Records   has now announced the release of   "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over"   — another true celebration of the man and how he lived his life — on November 24. Pre-orders are available at   this location . The DVD/CD set — which will include more raw footage, true gems and classic   Dimebag   moments — will also include five previously unreleased demos, picked from a vast catalog   Dimebag   accrued since longtime girlfriend   Rita Haney   gave him his first four-track in 1984.

Fans of   Dimebag ,   PANTERA   and   DAMAGEPLAN   who have had the opportunity to watch   "Dimevision Vol 1: That's The Fun I Have"   know it is a funny, touching memorial.   "Dimevision Vol 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over"   continues this tradition, and today,   Metal Blade ,   Rita Haney   and   Daryl "Bobby Tongs" Arnberger   are pleased to share one of the funniest clips from the set. Watch   Dime   take part in an "interesting" CPAP machine fitting in the clip below.

Haney   says: "This particular trailer's focus is on one of the items available from   'Dimevision 2' , along with many other props from past home videos. We want to offer up a piece of these magical volumes so that in the future, with the help of his fans, we'll be able to bring more DVD/CD packages to everyone out there that love   Dime   as much as we do."

She adds: "I had just rolled outta bed and the doctor fitting   Dime   was about an hour early for his appointment.   Dime   and   ST   were still up partying, so, of course, things never go as planned in   Dime 's world!

"One thing people need to realize is that when you're getting fitted for one of these machines, it's imperative that you do not speak during the process so they can ramp the proper amount of air through those things, so you have to keep your mouth closed. But as you can see from this segment in full, that's a damn near impossible feat for him at the moment. It's also impossible to be angry at   Dime   when he made you laugh all the time!"

Going into making   "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over" ,   Haney   worked in collaboration with   Daryl "Bobby Tongs" Arnberger , who was not only one of   Dimebag 's closest friends both on and off the road, but also worked as an official videographer for   PANTERA ,   DAMAGEPLAN   and a plethora of A-list musicians, from   SLIPKNOT   to   Dolly Parton , along with film editor   Rob Fenn . After cataloguing hundreds of tapes, they chose 43 segments to create   "Dimevision Vol. 2" .

Arnberger   explains: "As we all watched, we envisioned certain segments and ideas coming to life in my head, and rather than it serving as a memorial, this second DVD is more about the vision   Dime   had in his head for this footage, what he actually wanted it to become. This one is more uplifting, funny, and it stays 100% true to his idea for   'Dimevision' ."

Fans of the original know that this way of life involved a lot of whiskey, an insane amount of fireworks and a contagious desire to have fun — and like its predecessor, the title is also drawn from the words of the man himself. Having a habit of latching onto a saying or a phrase, this soon became part of his particular dialect, affectionately dubbed "Dime-bonics." "It comes from something he was saying a lot in 2003 and 2004,"   Haney   recalls. "He'd call from the road and he'd say 'man, I'm beat up out here, but that's the highs and lows of rock and roll. You gotta roll with it or get rolled over.'"

"He had a unique way of seeing things, and he always lived with a video camera," adds   Haney . "No matter where we went he was always capturing what was going on, and myself and others around him were filming a lot too. In putting out these videos I just want people to see the way he was, 24/7. What you saw on stage and backstage, that was how he lived."

Unsuspecting visitors to the couple's home were regularly drawn in — memorable segments involve girl scouts selling cookies and   Dimebag   experiencing an "interesting" CPAP machine fitting — and events as mundane as taking a friend to get a pedicure become hilarious, thanks to his particular way of seeing the world. As endlessly entertaining as   Dimebag   was, there were of course other, deeper sides to his personality, which are also reflected in both volumes. Haney adds: "There were some really touching, deep, heavy and emotional moments in the first one, where he's talking about himself to the camera while in the shower. Filming himself like that was something he did a lot, and you'd have no clue until you're looking through the tapes and come across them, and when you do the goosebumps crawl all over you. People that love and know   Darrell   are going to be touched by what he has to say, because it's him telling you for the first time."

As for his included demos,   Dimebag   not only wrote down the lyrics and dates of everything he recorded but also his thoughts on it at the time, which   Haney   will also be sharing with fans. However, she's quick to point out that no one should expect high production standards ("It's called a four-track for a reason!") and that these are not "lost"   PANTERA   tracks. "These songs come from his 'off' time; it was entertainment to him. One of them was even inspired by a   George Michael   solo record coming out back in the '80s!" she laughs. "But he loved making music and he appreciated all kinds of music, whether he was making a joke of it or not, it still caught his ear, and I hope people can enjoy these songs for what they are and the spirit they were made in."

With so much footage left over, fans can rest assured that as fulfilling as   "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over"   is, there's still a lot to look forward to.   Haney   says, "We hope to make [ 'Dimevision' ] an annual thing. It will all depend on if the fans want it and support it!" Via Blabbermouth

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