Fear Is Dead - Digitally Stoned Premiere Friday January 29 2021, 12:00 AM
Fear Is Dead - Digitally Stoned Premiere

Press release:
In today’s overcrowded metal scene, it’s virtually impossible for a band to rise up and stand out against the odds --  but that’s what Fear Is Dead is doing." -- Michael Deinlein, AllMusicReview.com

"I challenge you to find one bathroom in any NYC venue without Fear Is Dead's sticker somewhere in there." -- Heavy New York

Underground bands that break into the daylight need both local notoriety and a vision that carries with them when they hit the road.  Whether it's a packed house at Brooklyn's Lucky 13 Saloon or a Tuesday night on tour thousands of miles from home, NYC hardcore/metal collective Fear Is Dead have both these qualities in spades.

The Queens, New York band has released five EPs since their inception in 2011, with their sound gradually evolving over the years into the heavy, minimalist, "in your face" outfit they are today. The present lineup consists of frontman and founding member Skila and longtime guitarist David English, joined by newcomers Tim I on bass and Ish Roberts behind the kit.

Fear Is Dead's unique sound and intense energy have garnered the acclaim of New York’s underground, bringing together fans from the metal and hardcore/punk scenes. Described as "cathartic," "expressionist," and "raw," this is a band that doesn't shy away from the grittier side of the human experience. David's rhythmic and riff-heavy guitar work provides the perfect environment for Skila's aggressive, syncopated style, and at times rapid staccato vocals.  With their new rhythm section taking live shows to even greater levels of groove and intensity, the band was performing consistently prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, Fear Is Dead has long been known for their awe-inspiring performances all over NYC, melting faces from Knitting Factory and The Studio at Webster Hall to their second home at Lucky 13 Saloon.  In 2018, the band put together a small but successful West Coast tour from California up to Seattle and back, making new fans and friends along the way.  They've shared stages with artists like Rebelmatic, Solemn Vision, and Hed P.E., and have been featured in Metal Injection, MetalUnderground.Com, Aquarian Weekly, Tattoo.Com, and New Noise Magazine.

In January 2020, Fear Is Dead released the single "Assimilation" -- an unknowingly fitting song for the world events that followed.  Currently, the band is staying busy in the new reality of a global pandemic by keeping in touch with fans on social media, playing live stream events and fundraisers, and working on their first full length album.  They expect to release another single in Spring 2021, followed by their debut full-length later in the year.

With influences from Nas to Soundgarden, Korn, and of course New York's proud hardcore tradition, Fear Is Dead unites many musical facets into one hard-hitting final result.  Don't sleep on this long-running band with many places still to go.

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