Gravehuffer release "Sights to the Sky" Wednesday January 13 2021, 6:28 PM
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Gravehuffer release "Sights to the Sky"

Missouri based GRAVEHUFFER have released their song "Sights To the Sky" via Blessed Altar Zine. The track is from their upcoming release NecroEclosion which will be released via Black Doomba Records this Friday.

Listen to the song here:

Gravehuffer are:

Travis McKenzie - vocals

Ritchie Randall - guitar/vocals

Mike Jilge - bass

Jay Willis - drums/vocals


Track listing:

1. Custom of the Sea

2. Hellhound

3. Sights to the Sky

4. Death Before Disco

5. Stingray

6. Smaller Than Death

7. Ghost Dance

8. Quarantine Death Machine

9. Causes

10. Backpack

11. Mad Wolf 

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