Epic, progressive metallers Dreamslain unveil their new video - 'Shadow Warriors'. Monday January 11 2021, 7:12 PM
Epic, progressive metallers Dreamslain unveil their new video - 'Shadow Warriors'.

The January 29th release date for Dreamslain's Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds debut album is getting closer and to raise the anticipation for this mammoth double CD set the band have unveiled a new video. 'Shadow Warriors' is one of the heaviest, most intensely atmospheric tracks from Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds and is sure to be a favourite with headbangers everywhere. This new lyric video features the band in their element; playing together - the sparks flying from each musician as their creativity and passion blends to create their unique sound.

Immerse yourself in the dark fantasy of 'Shadow Warriors' here...

...and prepare yourself for the January 29th release of one of the most creative, spirited and independently minded metal albums of 2021 - Tales Of Knights And Distant Worlds.

"... smashes through the boundaries of the world, delivering something epic and cataclysmic at the same time..." - THE MEDIAN MAN

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