ARDDUC - Othila - Reviewed By A Different Shade Of Black Metal Zine! Friday December 11 2020, 4:05 PM
ARDDUC - Othila - Reviewed By A Different Shade Of Black Metal Zine!

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A rdduc are a solo project from Australia that plays a pagan form of folk metal and this is a review of his self released 2020 album "Othila".

Dark sounding synths start off the album along with some folk music instruments a few seconds alter which also mixes in with the heavier sections of the songs. When guitar solos and leads are utilized they are done in a very melodic style while all of the musical instruments also have a very powerful sound to t hem.

 Rough yet semi melodic pagan vocals are also utilized quite a bit throughout the recording while also adding in some death metal growls and black metal screams. All of the drum beats are also programmed along with the riffing also adding in a decent amount of melody as well as a couple of tracks also adding in gang back up vocals.

 Most of the music sticks to either a slow or mid tempo style and as the album progresses a brief use of acoustic guitars can also be heard on a couple of songs along with one of the later tracks also adding in a brief use of female vocals. The production sounds very dark and heavy while the lyrics cover Paganism and Shamanism themes.

 In my opinion Ardduc are a very great sounding pagan folk metal solo project and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Ancient Ones" "Antlers" "Cyclic Dance" and "Raise Your brew". 8 out of 10.

ARDDUC is an Independant, self-funded, one-man DIY project creating tough Pagan music for tough fucking Pagans.

For Fans Ov: Enslaved, Bolt-Thrower, Bathory, Havukruunu, Skyforger, Skyclad, Hecate Enthroned, Pantera, Sepultura, Type O Negative, Tyr, Manegarm, Grand Magus, Thyrfing, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Amon Amarth, Cruachan.

1. Vekja 02:50
2. Ancient Ones 05:25
3. Rakki 03:49
4. Riddari Drakfe 03:49
5. Antlers 04:22
6. Pexarouk 02:59
7. Cyclic Daze 05:41
8. Med Krov Og Maucht 04:49
9. Raise Your Brew 03:12
10. Elskov 04:41

Released October 10, 2020
Copyright © Ash Ardduc 2020 - All rights reserved.
All music & lyrics composed & arranged by Ash Ardduc.
Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Performing on this Album:
* Ardduc - All Instruments and Programming
* Bianca Barrot - Accompanying Vox on 'Cyclic Daze'
* Justin Min - Gangvox on 'Pexarouk' & 'Raise Your Brew'
* Gram Pola - Gangvox on 'Pexarouk' & 'Raise Your Brew'

Recorded and Mixed by Ash Ardduc @ Pexarouk Studios.
Mastered by Justin Min -
Outer cover artwork by Helena Black -
Inner cover artwork and graphic design by Freya Skarsgard - @freyaskatt
Tusen Takk to all those mentoined above for their endlessly talented contributions,

Each album/release will tell a whole story, and will progress on the last both musically and production-wise.

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