Post-Metal/Doom Project CRAWL BELOW Releasing '9 Mile Square' in February Thursday December 10 2020, 5:50 AM
Post-Metal/Doom Project CRAWL BELOW Releasing '9 Mile Square' in February

Post-Metal/Doom Project CRAWL BELOW will release new album 9 Mile Square on February 12, 2021. 9 Mile Square is a six-song LP of doom-infused post-metal focused on the history of Eastern Connecticut.

The album's first single, "Kingdom of the Ruined," is available for purchase and streaming at kingdom-of-the-ruined .

Started in 2017, CRAWL BELOW is Charlie Sad Eyes’ (When The Deadbolt Breaks, Sentinel Hill, Holding On To Nothing, and Banth) one-man project focused on his New England origins. Releases have ranged from punk-tinged black metal to Lovecraftian acoustic folk. The forthcoming release, 9 Mile Square, is based on the history and legends of Norwich, Connecticut, expressed through post-metal. CRAWL BELOW is not limited in style and expresses its surroundings in a multitude of genres, changing from album to album.

FFO: Type O Negative, Woods Of Ypres, The Cure, Katatonia


Track List:

1. Feed The Towers Above The Trees

2. Fire On The Hill

3. Kingdom Of The Ruined

4. Monument

5. Tarnished The Name

6. 9 Mile Square

9 Mile Square was mixed by Dave Kaminsky/Studio Wormwood, and mastered by Ryan Williams/Augmented Audio.

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