MARCH IN ARMS Album 'Pulse of the Daring' Out Now and Streaming! Sunday December 6 2020, 10:47 AM
MARCH IN ARMS Album 'Pulse of the Daring' Out Now and Streaming!

Sioux Falls (SD) - MARCH IN ARMS have released sophomore album Pulse of the Daring. Visit the the following link to purchase and/or stream the album: album/pulse-of-the-daring

"MIA have once again proved themselves masters of melody and metal emphasis. An extraordinary album." (10/10)

- Rock Queen Reviews

"March in Arms have truly delivered on Pulse of the Daring. Track after track of often emotive, thrashy power metal anthems that also bring important moments in history to the forefront."

- Metal Nation

"Ten tracks of anthemic war-themed material that is sure to please fans of traditional metal."

- Heavy Music Headquarters

"A daring offering that takes on the horror of war but puts a valiant spin on things with an ode to heavy metal. It was certainly worth the wait." (8.5/10)

- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Hard-edged and modern. Pulse of the Daring is an emotional and riveting experience, a much-needed reminder that freedom isn’t free."

- Maximum Metal

Originally recorded November 2018, MARCH IN ARMS' second studio release entitled Pulse Of The Daring is finally ready for release. After months of tracking, mixing and mastering the band deemed the creation epic enough for public consumption. This time around the themes have branched out to varying battlefields. The title track tells the harrowing tale of the first day of the Battle Of The Somme. “An Act Of Valor” takes us to the chaotic streets of Mogadishu during the Blackhawk Down episode. “Thunderbolt” is a thrashy power metal tribute to the A-10 warplane and its devastating Gatling gun. “Welcome The Blitz” highlights the defiant nature of Londoners during the blitzkrieg and has a heavy, Def Leppard feel to really pump up the “Britishness." The album is a tribute to heroism and the human spirit amidst the horrors of combat.

"To all the fans, sorry for the wait but we really wanted to put everything we had in to this beast!" 

- M.I.A.

Track Listing:

1 - 1914 [Lyric Video]

2 - Altar Of The Gun

3 - Welcome The Blitz [Official Video]

4 - Nisei

5 - Pulse Of The Daring

6 - An Act Of Valor

7 - No Years Resolution

8 - Thunderbolt

9 - Omaha

10 - Not For Nothing

Recorded November, 2018 at All Poetic Audio Studios

Album Line-up:

Ryan Knutson – Guitar/Vocals

Jon Parker – Guitar

Sheldon Swan – Guitar

Phil Mueller - Drums

Scott McGuire – Bass

Additional performances from:

Emily Swan – Backing Vocals

Esther Nissen – Violin

Audrey Graber- Cello


March In Arms (MIA) was formed in 2012 out of a side project dating back to 2004. While members Jon Parker (guitar) and Ryan Knutson (guitar/vocals) were touring in their former band, Nodes Of Ranvier (Facedown Records/Victory Records), Knutson worked on the foundational riffs and lyrics that would eventually launch MIA as a full band years later.

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota the band also includes Scott McGuire (bass,) formerly of indie rock band The Spill Canvas (Sire Records), Sheldon Swan (guitar) and Phil Mueller (drums).

With influences that include American classics like Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and Megadeth fused with European power metal undertones, the resulting music is very riff driven with epic chorus lines and soaring melodies. Lyrical themes for MIA center on war and the personal stories of its combatants.

In 2015 March In Arms independently released their self-titled debut album. Recorded at All Poetic Audio with Jeremy Schaeffer of Earth Groans (Solid State Records). Self Titled was re-released in 2018 including two live tracks. The second time around the album was backed up with a PR campaign and received overwhelming positive reviews, winning album of the year from Rock Queen Reviews.

In November 2018 the band entered the studio at All Poetic Audio to produce the follow-up album, Pulse Of The Daring. Before the album could be released Scott McGuire (bass) and Pill Mueller (drums) stepped away from the band in December 2019. They have since been replaced with Collin Citrowske (bass) and Bobby Cook (drums). With a once again solidified lineup, the band will resume live shows in September 2020.

As a band, March In Arms is looking forward to releasing the new material and becoming more prolific in the future.

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