The equipment beginner drummers need: 10 essentials Tuesday December 1 2020, 5:41 AM
The equipment beginner drummers need: 10 essentials

On your journey to becoming a pro, take the first step by checking out the essential equipment that every beginner drummer needs . Discover more here.

Are you a beginner that is passionate about drumming and wanting to take the next step? Perhaps you have been hand drumming for a while. The moment you hear a song, your hands quickly go in motion, tapping anything nearby, tables, chairs, or even your thighs.

It is time to get more serious about your passion. But first, what is the essential equipment every beginner drummer should have? To satisfy your curiosity, we have made a list of the important drumming equipment beginner drummers need. 

1 Drum sticks

Drum sticks are the first equipment every learner needs when starting. Learning to handle drum sticks should be your primary target. There are numerous options out there, but a good set to get started with is Vic Firth 5A . This set is middle-sized and great for every music style in the world.

Head over to an online or your local store to purchase a decent drum stick. Get them and start practicing. The quicker you learn how to hold drum sticks, the faster your drumming career will pick up.

2   Practice pads

Now that you have your drum stick ready, you need something to use the sticks on – a practice pad. Even veteran drummers have these pads. It helps them practice silently or warm-up before a performance.

As a beginner, you may not be financially buoyant enough to invest in drum kits. So, embrace your baby steps. Practice pads are not so expensive. Some tunable practice pads cost less than $20 and are perfect for beginners and advanced drummers.

3 Metronome

Purchasing a metronome is a smart move for any beginner drummer. Drumming is not just about hearing the beat; you need to feel it as well. Training with a metronome will help you set your beat's pace and regulate your tempo during practice.

Do not fret; the metronome is not complex equipment and not expensive either. You can purchase MetroPitch . They are versatile, can be used virtually for any instrument, and durable.

4 Bass drum pedal

Just as drum sticks are an extension of the hands, a drum pedal is an extension of your foot. As a beginner drummer, you need to learn how to coordinate your foot movement when drumming. 

It is advisable to go for used or cheap drum pedals because you are still in the discovery stage. You might wake up one morning and decide drumming is not for you. It would be best to go for budget options that are of excellent quality and available for as low as $50.

5 Drum throne

According to Antoine Bechara , “Every drummer needs a drum throne or stool as a base to support their movement when playing.” It also ensures that you are comfortable while playing as well as fine-tune your speed and precision.

You can purchase the Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne, made from top-grade foam for maximum comfort. It is also pocket friendly.

6 Drum Kit 

If you have gotten the above-listed equipment, maybe it is time to get yourself a drum kit. As exciting as the thought of it sounds, focus on buying a kit with good shell condition. 

There are a lot of cheap drum kits for beginners. Feel free to make your choice. For less than $300, you can get a fantastic one that can last for years.

7 Drum Carpet or rugs

Drum rugs are important and can soak up the echoing sound when you are playing. It also protects the floor from scratching since the drum stands and throne will be directly on top.

Zildjian Gig Drum Set Rug is a thick covered foam bass drum stopper that keeps your bass drum in place and your floor from tearing off. 

8 Drum recorder

Recording yourself while playing will help you judge your performance, especially while training. You need to know how far your skills have gone, which is where a drum recorder comes in. After playing, you can always sit back and listen to your performance and subsequently judge yourself.

Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Recorder costs less than $90 and can handle anything from subtle to loud, with sensitivity to capture every detail. It is either you get a specialized recorder or use your smartphone - whichever works for you.


9 Cymbals

You would not want to remain a beginner drummer, would you? If you do not lose interest in drumming at the very start, then it is settled that you can make a career out of it. It is time to change your cymbals and get stronger ones.

Cymbals come in different sizes, but the function remains the same. They craft drum beats, accentuate parts, and set the musical mood. There’s a good list of best cymbals on the market here .

10 Hi-hat pedal and stand

A hi-hat pedal and stand are also an important part of every drum kit. It is usually a combination of two cymbals and a pedal; all mounted on a metal stand. 

There are lots of hi-hat pedals and stands, but a good option is the Luvay Hi-Hat Stand . It is lightweight and is used for general-purpose playing.


The best trick to get better as a beginner drummer is to play continuously. Every advanced drummer out there would not have gotten to the stage they are now in their career if they were not consistent. You have taken the first step by checking out the essential equipment every beginner drummer needs to have and making a mental note to get some of them. The next step is to practice A LOT. All the best!

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