Incursion – The Hunter (2020) - reviewed By Heavy Metal Heaven! Tuesday November 24 2020, 12:00 AM
Incursion – The Hunter (2020) - reviewed By Heavy Metal Heaven!

Incursion – The Hunter (2020) - reviewed By Heavy Metal Heaven! Check it out here at this link:

Sometimes they come back: this is the right proverb to describe the Incursion career . Band born in Miami in the golden years of the genre, however, did not have great luck in that period. Like so many other minor groups then, in the four years of existence from 1982 to 1986, the Americans failed to go beyond a demo, before disappearing into thin air. However, as already mentioned, a story is not always closed forever - especially in metal, which on the contrary has accustomed us to many returns after years. It was also the fate of Incursion , who reformed in 2018 with three of the original four members and two new musicians. A reunion crowned this year with The Hunter: first record in thirty-five years by Floridiani, is an EP of songs conceived in the eighties. And you can hear: inside there is nothing different from the most classic heavy metal. Fortunately, it is a genre that the Incursions face with the right energy: in The Hunter the clichés are not lacking, but in several cases they have their own why. And the result doesn't sound too nostalgic or stale.

In short, we feel that Americans are veterans. However, their great experience is not always a virtue for the EP: at times it is actually a flaw. As already mentioned, stereotypes are not always annoying, but sometimes it is: the music of Incursion then ends up becoming anachronistic. But the main problem of The Hunter is that at times the compositional focus is lost a little, alternating with mature ideas rather naive passages. In general, the work of recovering the past and giving it new life has been half successful: my idea is that the group still has to adapt a little to modern times. No major modernization's are needed, but some small adjustments are needed to the present. How much could be enough to avoid sounding naive and to give good value to the good compositional skills and valid ideas of the Incursion . Which, even with its flaws, come out on several occasions also from this EP.

The Hunter opens with the intro of the same name, as the “ Prologue ” itself indicates in the subtitle. Slow, between a more melodic, open first phase and a second guided by Buddy Norris' roll , it is a crepuscular fragment. Nothing special, but at least it opens the record well, before Warrior of Destruction opens with an energetic, high voltage, fun lead. It is a base that also returns in the stanzas, alternating with more linear moments, sung by Steve Samson without too many flourishes. All this leads to choral refrains: they too are very classic, but with their catchy charge and an interesting aura, open but at the same time of vague epicity, they do their job well. The same goes for the solo, more than traditional but valid to enrich the context, and for the combative passage of trocar. They enrich a simple episode without anything new, but which entertains at the right point and is therefore the most valid song of the EP! Guiding Faith, however, is not far behind : it still starts with a tone of vague epicity, with the rhythmic lenses of Maxx Havick and Mike Lashinsky to which are superimposed choirs. But then he takes a different, darker path: the main lines certainly are, animated but at the same time shady, with a touch of sulphurousness. It is a hood that seems to open up in bridges, a little less crepuscular and more in the heavy canon. But then come strange choruses: halfway between darkness and something bizarre, however, they have a good impact. The central part is also excellent, in which first Norris is shown and then another not bad guitar solo. They are again successful elements for a very good piece, not too far from the previous one in quality!

If so far The Hunter has brought out its best side, from Fade to Black the Incursions show the downside. Not that it's that bad, on the contrary: his attack is pretty powerful, and what follows is interesting too. We are talking about a piece that follows the previous one with a nice dark aura, evoked both by the more open moments, in which the riff is light but dark and Samson it is in the center, both in the more explosive ones, with the right heaviness. His real problem instead is the refrain: with its almost sugary choruses and its more classic side, it breaks the gloom (which only returns at the end) and creates a step. They are not even badly taken on their own, but they seem parts of a completely different piece inserted here in a forced way. Fortunately, the rest defends itself, including the central phase, which mixes the two souls of the piece into something successful. The result is a discreet piece, although given the ideas it could certainly be better. The later Kingdom of the Dead gives hope better with its start, still rather dark in tone: slow, at times it even embraces doom influences. But then the band turns to something more classic and lively: the verses have a turn that is very reminiscent of Iron Maiden . A suggestion that is also accentuated in the instrumental moments, with the intersections that recall the historical ones of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray. In the long run, however, this base loses a bit of tone; the worst, however, are the refrains. Once again with little bite, they are a bad cliché, and they fail to engrave. It does not help then a central section that is sometimes managed in a discreet way, but which is lost elsewhere: its length appears a bit too high. The same goes for the piece itself: as decent and enjoyable as it is, we're still talking about the EP's lowest point. Which, immediately after, ends with The Hunter: King of All the Land , an outro that takes up the prelude in the melodies and develops it as a short semi-instrumental piece, all based on heavy riffs. Once again, nothing special, but everything is pleasant: in short, how closure can go!
As I think it is clear at this point, The Hunter is certainly not a must-have EP, or even just a product that adds something to heavy metal. On the other hand, however, it is very pleasant: in a world where many do nothing but copy the bands of the period in which Incursion were great, it is already something. Something that must be followed up, however: the US band will in fact have to work to update and make better use of their skills. Difficult, perhaps, for such a veteran band… but never say never! - Heavy Metal Heaven

Incursion - "The Hunter"
Label: No Remorse Records Release: TBD
Incursion - "The Hunter"

"The Hunter" is Incursion's debut EP, a US band originally active between 1982 and 1986, which returned its activity back in 2018. Ready to assault you with their New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, Incursion are set to release "The Hunter" on CD and vinyl this fall.


Incursion has reunited and burst onto the traditional Heavy Metal scene. The band has released their debut six-song EP – The Hunter – on No Remorse Records. Incursion consists of original members Maxx Havick and Michael Lashinsky on guitars with Buddy Norris on drums. The lineup is completed by Stone Jamess on bass and Steve Samson on lead vocals.

The Miami, FL based band was active from 1982-1986 and did not have a formal release outside a locally produced cassette compilation of Florida Hardcore and metal bands in 1985. In 2018 the three original members got back together with the intent of finally performing and recording their wealth of material. Recruiting Steve and then Stone made the band complete and ready to present the music as it was intended. The Hunter is a concept EP. The Hunter – born in a war-torn land and destined to fight for survival since birth, faced all adversaries, man and beast alike. He mastered his inner demons through faith, battle and revenge. The Hunter’s blade led him through chaos to his final struggle with the false king. In his quest to become the King of All the Land, The Hunter’s journey is ageless, but almost forgotten.

The Hunter EP was recorded at Alpaca Ranch Recording by Chris Short ( Alestorm ). It was mixed by Jorg Uken
at Soundlodge Studios ( Anvil, Savage Blood, Powergame ). The Artwork was created by famed artist Phil Lawvere ( Celtic Frost, Kreator, Hirax ). The alliance with No Remorse will increase the interest in The Hunter EP
and Incursion look forward to delivering their first full length album in 2021.

Recorded at Alpaca Ranch Studios (Winter Park, FL).
Additional recordings at Samson Pro Studios (Nashville, TN) and Daylight Studios (Nashville, TN).
Mixed by Jorg Uken at Soundlodge Recording Studio (Rhauderfehn, Germany).
Mastered by Jorg Uken
Engineered by Chris Short.

I. The Hunter: Prologue
II. Warrior Of Destruction
III. Guiding Faith
IV. Fade To Black
V. Kingdom Of The Dead
VI. The Hunter: King Of All The Land

Steve Samson - Vocals
Maxx Havick - Guitars
Michael Lashinsky - Guitars
Stone Jamess - Bass
Buddy Norris - Drums


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