DEINE LAKAIEN sign internationally with Prophecy Productions Friday November 6 2020, 1:05 PM
DEINE LAKAIEN sign internationally with Prophecy Productions

Avantgarde dark wave icons DEINE LAKAIEN have signed an international deal with Prophey Productions for all territories outside of Germany (where they continue to be represented by the Chrom Records/Odyssey Music Network.)
DEINE LAKAIEN comment: "2020 was indeed a rather strange but also an important year for Deine Lakaien since we finalised the sometimes exhausting, sometimes exhilarating, yet always opulent work on our next studio album. And now we are thoroughly looking forward to working internationally with Martin and the whole crew at Prophecy Productions. We are excited about all things to come."
Prophecy Productions founder Martin Koller states: "We are stoked to welcome Deine Lakaien to our family. I have been a massive fan of their work ever since my early youth. Deine Lakaien are as unique as they are fascinating. The duo has always remained clearly recognisable with a hallmark sound despite shedding their musical skin and experimenting successfully with about every aspect of their compositions over the last 35 years." 
Ulysses Hüppauff adds: "Working with Deine Lakaien is always a true artistic challenge as Alexander and Ernst are operating on an immense level of detail", writes the founder of Odyssey Music Management. "Therefore we are absolutely delighted to be working with Prophecy Productions internationally in order to raise awareness about this outstanding duo, not just in Europe but worldwide."
Thomas Thyssen concludes: "I have known Alexander and Ernst since their very first live show in 1991, which I filmed with my godfather's camcorder, and ever since I have followed Deine Lakaien’s career with eagle eyes", tells the Celsius Management representative. "After conducting countless interviews, seeing them perform myriads of times, and touring with Deine Lakaien through nearly three decades, working with this legendary duo on the management-side now seems like the logical next step. Having had the pleasure of working with Martin and his fine staff at Prophecy Productions on a different release in the recent past, I couldn't be happier about this new business relationship with and for Deine Lakaien."
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Deine Lakeien Veljanov by Jörg Grosse-Geldermann
In a career now spanning 35 years, DEINE LAKAIEN have continuously broken new ground. Founded in 1985, the duo started as a purely electronic avantgarde dark wave project. Taking their name from a reference in the song 'Die genaue Zeit' by German experimentalists Einstürzende Neubauten, the band self-released "Deine Lakaien" in 1986, which spread by word of mouth and created an underground buzz. The debut set the duo clearly apart from electronic contemporaries such as YAZOO, SOFT CELL, EURYTHMICS, and OMD by virtue of their singular dark sound.
Having gained label backing, the albums "Dark Star" (1991) and "Forest Enter Exist" (1993) considerably widened the Germans' audience and gained the attention of influential critics. Simultaneous with their fast-rising success, DEINE LAKAIEN broadened their musical scope with a fully acoustic tour in 1992, an ambitious exercise that would influence later albums such as "Kasmodiah" (1999). Their impressive and highly diverse catalogue has been summarised in the anniversary releases “XXX. The 30 Years Retrospective" (2016) and "The 30 Years Retrospective: Live" (2018). And the legacy continues...

Alexander Veljanov – vocals, lyrics, composition
Ernst Horn – instruments, composition, lyrics

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Austin Griswold
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Eric Burton
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