Awoken From Their Long Slumber, Montreal’s Synastry Emerge With “Dead To Me” Off “Civilization’s Com Thursday October 22 2020, 5:49 PM
Awoken From Their Long Slumber, Montreal’s Synastry Emerge With “Dead To Me” Off “Civilization’s Com

L-R - Kay Kessler (Drums), Gary Vee (Bass), Paul Iverson (Guitar), James Aniston (Vocals)
Photo Credit – Chris Alexis

After close to a decade of silence, Montreal's  Synstary  have left the shadows to bring fans a new EP  “Civilization’s Coma”  on (release date). The first single will be  “Dead To Me ” and it is a ruthless and suitable reintroduction to a Montreal favourite. 

A full-on assault, the band is pleased to be working together again and getting listeners stoked on their brand of metal. Synstary explains their return in their own words:

“We reformed because we wanted to create and release more music, and decided that since we are still so close, to continue as Synastry. We think that people will enjoy the new album, it is very much of the times, and we are confident that fans in 2020 will groove on Synastry.”

The single  “Dead To Me”  is just over two minutes of intensity. Straightforward and easy to digest while still being multi-faceted. It’s a fast, short song that gives you three gut punches and finishes with an uppercut. The lyrics allude to toxic/two-faced relationships the band has dealt with from  others in ‘the scene’.

This EP welcomes back listeners to  Synastry ’s trademark aggressive beatdown. It will get listeners moving and headbanging with its in your face attitude, music, and vocals. Lyrically, the band is exploring the world through a lens that reflects back its own shortcomings.

Heavy and punishing,  Synastry  is recommended for fans of Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, and Within the Ruins. The EP will be released on (release date)

The single  “Dead To Me”  can be heard via its premiere on  NoCleanSinging  HERE

EP pre-order  HERE .

Spotify pre-save  HERE .

Track Listing:
1. Civilization’s Coma (3:49)
2. Dead to me (2:17)
3. Narcomancy (4:41)
EP Length: 10:48

EP Band Line Up:
Paul Iverson – Guitar
Gary Vee – Bass
 Kay Kessler – Drums
James Aniston – Vocals

More info:


It takes courage for a band to integrate such distinct thrash, death, and industrial influences into a catchy yet multilayered approach as do Montreal’s Synastry.

Each metal listener desires something different and thus a band exists for every taste. Inspired to a certain point by melodic, futuristic death thrash, Synastry binds to these influences a threatening mid-paced groove, atmospheric textures, and the unmistakable gruff and mature vocals of Jimmy Aniston. Flanked by guitarist Paul Iverson and bassist Gary Vee, and backed up by the thunderous Kay Kessler, Synastry is a crushing wall of well thought out and meticulously written metal. Lyrics come from Anastasopolous’ impression of the world and his experiences in it which are layered with the collaborative music that all band members contribute to.

Started originally in the early 00s, the Montreal band took the underground scene by storm, they climbed the Myspace ranks, toured the regions, and released “Pallets Of My New World” (2006) (EP) and Blind Eyes Bleed (2008) (LP). In 2012, the band went dormant, where they remained until 2020.

The socially conscious band awoke amidst the widespread uncertainty that swept the globe, with a mission to explore humanity, the singularity, and morality. Forged in the hotbed of metal that is Montreal, they are here to raise the temperature once again with the release of their new EP “Civilization’s Coma” on November 27th.

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