Progressive-Rock, Alternative Metal Collective KHAIMA Shares Brand New, Trippy Video From Upcoming Album! Thursday October 8 2020, 7:06 PM
Progressive-Rock, Alternative Metal Collective KHAIMA Shares Brand New, Trippy Video From Upcoming Album!

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October 30th, 2020, will see progressive rock and alternative metal virtuosos,  KHAIMA , release their upcoming, masterpiece debut album, " Owing To The Influence ", on Barhill Records.

Following their self-titled 2016 debut EP, the German- based five-piece collective creates a dynamic, powerful yet beautiful sound landscape, influenced by various elements between progressive, alternative rock and modern metal styles. Their song structures do not follow classical or forced patterns, the oriental-like guitar arpeggios are enriched with spherical effects, thus forming the musical framework. Extroverted bass lines carry the rhythm and are not afraid of cross references to the Afro-American music of the 60s and 70s, while the drums fit perfectly into this sound bed by differentiated changes of odd meters and fragile hi-hat patterns. The synthesizer's effectively restrained soundscapes put it all together and open the view to the "big picture".

If you're into bands such as  TOOL MY SLEEPING KARMA  or  KING CRIMSON , then  KHAIMA  will be right up your alley. But find out yourself, as after they just recently premiered a first single to the mesmerizing track,  Extrapolation , the band now follows up with a brand new, trippy video for "The Fox And The Grapes". Watch the clip right here:



" Owing To The Influence ", was recorded with producer Mike Balzer (member and producer of Flares) in Saarbrücken, Germany, and was mastered by  Cult Of Luna ‘s Magnus Lindberg (Refused, Dool, Russian Circles & many more).


"We count, simulate, histogram almost everything and relativize the results until the overall picture corresponds to our own imagination. Mainly for our own interests, we instrumentalize them in order to stand out and put ourselves in a better light, instead of confronting the core of the problem."  The band explains the themes of their upcoming debut.  "The symptoms are pushed to the fore and the cause is ignored. Populism, conspiracy theories, fake news, alternative facts - our reality unfortunately depends too often on the point of view of the observer. "

KHAIMA 's impressive first-full length will be released as Vinyl, CD and in Digital formats on October 30th with Barhill Records, the pre-sale is available at  THIS LOCATION!  

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"Owing To The Influence" Tracklist:
1. Blowback
2. Partisanship
3. Assimilation
4. Parasomnia
5. The Fox And The Grapes
6. Le Hirak
7. Collidoscope
8. Extrapolation
9. Sulpiride

Sven Hill: vocals
Toufik Bougherara: guitar
Jo Rauber: bass
Andreas Becker: keyboard
Markus Scherer: drums

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