RAVENSKÜL - Nordic Death Metal . Heathencore - NORWAY Saturday April 11 2020, 3:35 PM
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RAVENSKÜL - Nordic Death Metal . Heathencore - NORWAY

Ravenskül's biography :
"Beginning 2017, I, André RavenSkül Venås,created the Nordic Death Metal solo band RavenSkül.
I call my music HeathenCore because of punk/metal tendancies. I mostly talk about Norse and Celtic History and other various historical persons.
Norwegian/Irish Californian, I live in Spain. I do not sing or scream my lyrics, I rather tell a story to heavy pounding drums and Metal rhythm guitar.
I play guitar and I think my music is Hell's Angels music."


Some of Ravenskül's' influences : 
Amon Amarth, Megadeth, DethKlok, The Agonist, Slayer, Pantera

Find more info on the band here at these links:

http:// phoenixmusicrecords.mozello. fr/ravenskul-1/





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