Bewitcher Live On MDR Tonight With Metalicious! Saturday June 9 2018, 6:44 PM
Bewitcher Live On MDR Tonight With Metalicious!

Tonight (we might be drinking...ok...were drinking haha, sooooo you know it will get crazy lmao), 6PM PST on Metal Devastation Radio and Metalicious we will have special guest  Mateo Von Bewitcher  on the show to unearth all things Bewitcher! NOT only will we be talking about their upcoming tours BUT Mateo has picked out the whole playlist and you KNOW its going to be off the hook FUN! Hope you will join us this Sunday! Don't be late fuckers!

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Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST fuck yeah sista sharing it al over the damn place this band kicks ass
5 years ago
Metalicious thank you Zach!!!! I fucking LOVE them toooooo
5 years ago
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