Axemaster & The Zach Moonshine Show Live Interview!

Axemaster & The Zach Moonshine Show Live Interview! Friday March 3 2017, 9:00 PM

Joe Sims Lead guitarist, songwriter, producer for the Pure Steel Records' recording artist Axemaster will be calling in live on
The Zach Moonshine Show (9 pm till 1 am EST) Metal Devastation Radio
If you have any questions you would like to ask the band simply join in MDR chat room during the interview and ask away!
Download the free compilation album from Obscure Chaos Zine featuring Axemaster

This show as always features 100% requests made by the audiance, so dont be shy join us in chat and make requests and submit your band we will play it!

Attendees : 1

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Dam, sorry I missed this.... Hyper Zenith guitar player (Johnny Chouinard) was on Pure Steel Records too.. with his band Enchanter out of W. Warwick, Rhode Island....
6 years ago
Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST it was a great show and interview second one i have done for axemaster joe sims is a cool dude man will upload the interview and show podcast and everything sometime today as well
6 years ago
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Veddy Kewl
6 years ago