One Still Standing release brand new single Manipulation Games Tuesday September 29 2020, 6:24 PM
One Still Standing release brand new single Manipulation Games

One Still Standing - Manipulation Games 15th September 2020 Release!

Leicestershire based rock band One Still Standing bring you this outstanding brand new single Manipulation Games. Manipulation games is all about being in abusive relationships and is a way of speaking out against those who haven’t been so kind to us in the past. This isn’t particularly about any of us in general, but more about people who are close to us and have been through rough times over the years and have missed out on so many opportunities because of it. Manipulation games was released after lockdown, a time in which many individuals suffered greatly. Upon release we recommended some charities and abuse hotlines that can found on Our Facebook page.

Band Bio

We are a five-piece band launched in November 2018 in Leicester UK. Our Goal is to bring the people melodic female vocals, accompanied by catchy guitar riffs that a perfect to jump to, both when drunk and sober. Each of us have a unique personality, which combined together during shows and at the after parties bring tonnes of positive vibes to the room. Well, at least we like to think so, come and check it out for yourselves.

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