Jackpipe - Layin' The Pipe - Reviewed At Vinyl Lollipops! Monday December 27 2021, 8:54 AM
Jackpipe - Layin' The Pipe - Reviewed At Vinyl Lollipops!

Jackpipe - Layin' The Pipe - Reviewed At Vinyl Lollipops ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.facebook.com/VinylLollipops/posts/261738192626622

Coming at you with straight up hate filled, tongue and cheek misogynistic fun, Jackpipe delivers a slamming level of fuckery with their new album, Laying the Pipe.
“Thanks for the Mammaries” is straight forwarded, crushing and in your face ode to the chesticle. “Dick Kryptonite” continues the riff filled, dynamic madness with an excellent drum and percussive introduction, that wails into an arrangement that will make you want to punch faces and throw your hands in the pit.
“Let the Coffee Flow” has some fun flowing lyrics and sick linear intro melody that is packed with energy that only caffeine can bring to the table. This band is almost a post punk, Andrew Dice Clay mixed with Hatebreed. This is perfectly captured in the song “Butter-face.”  This band’s expert level comedy keeps flowing with an experience that is both heavy and humorous.
The band's Jerky Boys attitude and nasty song writing keeps me looking forward to the next song and the song “Mama's Boy” is a witty, wailing masterpiece. The band's ability to keep the energy and dynamics pumping tune to tune, never ceases to amaze me. This band is filled with talent and definitely fun.
“Not Just a Pretty Face” is a fun filled, fuck you jam. The drums are fucking spicy, and the pitch harmonics and djent breaks are fucking brilliant. The djent filled “Last Call” is my favorite song on this album just due to how hard it fucking hits and how nasty the words are. I didn't know it was humanly possible to make an album that sounded like testosterone, but this one fucking does it.
“Crazy 4 Me” breaks the nu metal barriers with a tale about crazy women. “What Do You Want” is the final track on the album and it is the fire at the end of the set, delivering raging rants and double bass decadence. This album isn't for the faint of heart, but if you are a comedy fan of Carlin, Jerky Boys, Anthony and Opie or Jim Norton, if you add this with nu metal, djent, and post punk then this is album is a fucking thrill ride of fun and humorous metal, that never once comes off cheesy, but hits meaner than a pimp who has been short changed. You guys made my fucking day with this one! - Vinyl Lollipops

Release Date: August 13, 2021

FFO: Psychostick, Anthrax, S.O.D., Hatebreed

Location: New York, USA

NY's JACKPIPE is as crude and fun loving as a heavy metal and hardcore crossover band can be, with all of the gruff bigmouth charm and deeply buried (but ever present) endearing sentiment that helps define the Big Apple. These are four guys weaned on Howard Stern, Andrew Dice Clay, and S.O.D., armed with big riffs, bigger pitchers of beer, and the biggest of belly laughs.

This is situational and observational comedy full of barbarian rhythms and tongue-in-cheek lyrical revelry. It's the musical equivalent of a night out with your friends and defiantly free of trigger-warnings and safe spaces. JACKPIPE sounds like Jim Norton swallowed a gallon of coffee and grabbed the microphone to rant over stomping metal-core anthems made for moshing.

Everyone is invited to the JACKPIPE party. Powered by pizza, wings, bourbon and beer, this East Coast wrecking crew's short songs, catchy riffs, delicious hooks, good humor, and unrelenting groove connect across multiple genres and subcultures, like the subway connects the boroughs.

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