GRAVE MIASMA Premiere New Song - “Erudite Decomposition” Friday April 30 2021, 2:32 PM
GRAVE MIASMA Premiere New Song - “Erudite Decomposition”

Occult death metal band GRAVE MIASMA have premiered a brand new track off their forthcoming album,   Abyss Of Wrathful Deities . The song - "Erudite Composition" - is streaming now at .

The band had this to say about the song,   "This track was the first complete composition from the ‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ LP and one we performed live numerous times. A menacing and meandering ride, it also features a characteristic whammy bar-assaulting solo from departed guitarist R. To us, it exemplifies the bridging between the ‘Endless Pilgrimage’ era to the present, a vessel hurtling towards unknown gods.”

Stream "Erudite Composition" now at   this location .

Abyss of Wrathful Deities  will be out on CD, vinyl, cassette  and digital formats through Dark Descent Records (US) and Sepulchral Voice (Europe) on May 14th.

Pre-order  Abyss of Wrathful Deities  at:

Dark Descent Records (US):   darkdescentrecords.bandcamp. com

Sepulchral Voice Records (Europe):   sepulchralvoicerecords.

GRAVE MIASMA recently released the official music video for album track "Rogyapa." Stream it at

Track Listing:

01. Guardians of Death (05:52)

02. Rogyapa (06:46)

03. Ancestral Waters (06:42)

04. Erudite Decomposition (06:27)

05. Under the Megalith (06:22)

06. Demons of the Sand (06:02)

07. Interlude (01:08)

08. Exhumation Rites (07:17)

09. Kingdoms Beyond Kailash (06:15)

The artwork for   Abyss Of Wrathful Deities   was done by   Ars Moriendee (DRAHG).

Abyss Of Wrathful Deities  is GRAVE MIASMA’s latest opus after five years of quiescence. Bone-breaking, aggressive and demonic Death Metal pairs with the accomplished and progressive production of Jaime Gomez Arellano (Orgone Studios), forming a sepulchral miasma which elevates the band’s songwriting to a previously unrivaled level.


Developing on the powerful and dark sound pursued on  Endless Pilgrimage , the London trio presents nine distinctively enigmatic tracks on death and resurrection, the demons of far-away lands and Tibetan burial rituals. GRAVE MIASMA are both the circling vulture and the epiphany, equally well-versed in the raw and primitive as they are in technical lead guitar orgies. Music not as a means of style, but as an accurately-wielded sharp scythe. 


The reverence to South American titans is obvious, yet the band has the approach of merging (de)composition with creativity, creating a contemporary yet absolutely timeless atmosphere.


Do not gaze long into the abyss, for it will devour you…

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