Myosotis - "Karoshi" Self-Released | Release: 25/09/2020 Saturday September 26 2020, 12:06 PM
Myosotis - "Karoshi" Self-Released | Release: 25/09/2020

Since the release of their first EP “Distance” in 2017, Hamburg's Myosotis have not slowed down and created an atmosphere that is truly unique, where the goal is to help people overcome depression and anxiety.
Coming from a background filled with individual difficulties, Myosotis are a band that understands the increasing fear of being isolated. Their fans travel from all over the country to spend time with them and exchange thoughts that no one else would like to listen to. "No one is alone - No one is forgotten" 
Combining Progressive Metal with Metalcore-elements and dark, almost goth-melodies to create a dialogue with their listeners, Myosotis have emerged with a refreshing, diverse and thoughtful songwriting and continue to surprise their fans with every new release.
After breathtaking live performances, Tours throughout Europe, support slots alongside heavyweights including First Blood, Wolf Down, Tell You What Now, Awake The Dreamer, etc. and the mind-blowing reception to their 2018 EP “Evosia”, the six-piece bunkered down to craft new material and define an entirely new concept to the Heavy community and the expectant local scene.
2020 sees the band returning stronger, heavier and even more diverse than ever before to mark their next assault on the scene.


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