OVERKILL's JASON BITTNER On SEAN REINERT: 'He Became A NEIL PEART-Type Influence For The Metal World' Sunday January 26 2020, 1:28 PM
OVERKILL's JASON BITTNER On SEAN REINERT: 'He Became A NEIL PEART-Type Influence For The Metal World'

Former FLOTSAM AND JETSAM and current OVERKILL drummer Jason Bittner has paid tribute to Sean Reinert , saying that the ex- DEATH and CYNIC drummer became a ' Neil Peart '-type influence for the metal world."

Reinert was found unresponsive at his San Bernardino, California home on Friday night (January 24). According to TMZ , he was transported to a hospital, but after life-saving measures proved ineffective, he was pronounced dead upon arriving. No foul play is suspected at this time. However, an official cause of death is pending an autopsy, which hasn't been conducted yet.

Earlier today, Bittner took to his social media to write: " I'm trying to really find all the words to sum the last week or so up, just as we were starting to mend from Neil [ Peart ], this happens.

"I can't explain just how much Sean meant to all of us in the metal community, and the drumming community alone — this guy was definitely NOT 'just a metal drummer.' Read all the posts about him and you will know. Neil influenced all of us to be play more fills and be experimental, and Sean took it to the Nth degree with everyone he played with, and he became a ' Neil Peart ' type influence for the metal world. Go back and look at my first Modern Drummer feature — two of my Top 10 drumming albums are his — DEATH 'Human' , and CYNIC 's 'Focus' . Absolute stellar performances, unplayable by most of us mere mortals. I'm still trying. But on top of all this Sean was an awesome, awesome guy — just a laugh riot to hang out with.

"There's a contingent of people over the last decade who have become the 'Sickdrummer Magazine family/clique/gang' at NAMM , — Anton Hefele , Ian Macdonald , Derek Roddy , Gus Rios , Forrest Robinson , Brian Zink , myself, Tim Yeung , Matt Thompson , and a rotating cast of characters depending on the year — but there was always ONE GUY we were hoping was 'coming to the show this year', and that was Sean Landon Reinert — he was just that respected and loved by us, and by the drumming world.

"I was lucky enough to become friends with him back in probably 2005/6, and we always stayed in contact, and saw each other when the tour or NAMM permitted, or if I was just in CA for other business, we always made it a point to hang if possible — the last time I saw him was when he came to see me play in FLOTSAM AND JETSAM at the Whiskey in LA. We had just drove in all night from AZ,no sleep, I was TMing too, and just exhausted by time I took the stage — the only thing that was keeping me going was the fact of 'dude, Sean is watching, you BETTER bring it!' I did to my best ability, and he told me so after the show...... 'dude you kicked ass' — I still think he was just being nice!!

"RIP Sean — I hope you're up there trading 7's with 'The Professor' right now — or at least drinking some of his Macallan!! We all love and miss you already!!!!"

Reinert was a founding member of the pioneering progressive metal band CYNIC , along with guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal , and he remained in the group until September 2015.

In 1991, Reinert and Masvidal joined the legendary Florida band DEATH to record the "Human" album. After touring with DEATH , they returned to CYNIC .

Reinert played his last shows with CYNIC in September 2015 in Japan.

After his exit from CYNIC , Sean was involved with the Los Angeles progressive rock group PERFECT BEINGS .

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