FearFaith Machines by industrial metal artist MARTYR ART is officially out today Friday November 23 2018, 9:13 AM
FearFaith Machines by industrial metal artist MARTYR ART is officially out today

With the advent of technology, the possibilities of music that one man can create have exploded in a multitude of directions, and allowed for crossover like never before, synthesizing old and new. Channeling this futuristic approach into his music, Joe Gagliardi III - AKA Martyr Art - demonstrates his self-dubbed ‘digital metal’ on fifth album FearFaith Machines, on which performed, recorded, mixed and mastered every instrument - a true one man army.

The music here is a smooth blend of eras and styles. Thrash and groove like Pantera and Lamb of God meet Fear Factory’s industrial metal leanings, with a smattering of alt-metal à la Slipknot and Static-X, and newer influences on the bleeding edge of djent. Despite these diverse strands, Gagliardi weaves them together in a tapestry with a clear vision of his sound and artistic direction.

One particular highlight on FearFaith Machines can be found in the vocals - Gagliardi’s talents are bewilderingly diverse as he slips from scream to rap to sing at a moment’s notice. The songwriting is also exceptionally tight - no detail has been missed in the fuzzed guitar tone, the swirling electronics or the thundering drums.

FearFaith Machines is not just an updated take on familiar sounds; Martyr Art showcases the power of one human to push each of these genres forward, and what can really be achieved when you put your mind to it.

Album credits:
Recorded, Engineered, Edited and Mastered by Joe Gagliardi III
Produced by Joe Gagliardi III and Holly Berchielli

1. Motion
2. The Pleasure of Pain
3. Who Are You
4. Just
5. Constrict
6. Thundering
7. Binary Slavery
Release date for physical edition: November 22nd 2018.

Preorder link here: https://martyrart.bandcamp.com/album/fearfaith-machines

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