Lindsay Schoolcraft releases "Worlds Away" video Saturday September 26 2020, 11:24 AM
Lindsay Schoolcraft releases "Worlds Away" video

Juno nominated singer/songwriter LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT (Formerly Cradle of Filth) has just released a video for her song "Worlds Away". The track is from her upcoming album of the same name.

Lindsay commented  “Worlds Away was written about feeling isolated and as far away as possible from someone you love and don’t know how to tell them your feelings for them. When the pandemic struck I was inspired to finish this piece that was laying dormant for quite some time and then when the opportunity struck to film a music video I knew right away this was the song. The concept to this music video is being out in the middle of no where and feeling secluded. While any of your attempts to communicate to people aren’t possible, all that exists are the feelings you have left inside and that’s what keeps your hoping for better days to come. I feel like anyone can relate to that after the year we’ve all been through.”

Watch the video:


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