Children Of The Void - Dreamcrusher - Featured At Mtview Zine! Sunday August 15 2021, 12:42 PM
Children Of The Void - Dreamcrusher - Featured At Mtview Zine!

Children Of The Void - Dreamcrusher - Featured At Mtview Zine ! Check it out here at this link:

Release date: July 30th 2021

FFO: Parkway Drive, Lordi, In Flames

The concept of “DREAMCRUSHER” is the demon living inside all of use that tells us we have no worth and make us doubt ourselves. “DREAMCRUSHER” is a song that illustrates the damage and harm that anxiety and depression can lead to. "We want to make a stand with this song and tell you are not alone!" It is important to normalize that there are people who suffer mentally, but do not show it on the outside. It is not easy to live with yourself when you constantly doubt yourself and do not acknowledge your self-worth. If you see someone who might need some company or a friend you have not talked to in a while, take a moment and say “hello” or “how are you”. It is the little things in life that makes the difference!

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Cover art by: Den Unge Herr Holm, Kim Diaz Holm.

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Hans Petter Solen

Featuring Artist on vocals: Frode Hennoe from Once Awake.

Guitar: Robin Jarl Tøkje
Guitar & vocals: Runar Steen Hansen
Drums & percussion: Eivind Sørhus

Lyrics: Eivind Sørhus & one line from Runar Steen Hansen
Music: Runar Steen Hansen & Even Senneset.

“Children Of The Void” is the culmination of listening to many different metal bands through time combined with many skilled Bergen based musicians.

It started with Vocalist/songwriter Runar and Drummer/co-lyric writer Eivind, who are currently the main composers of the project. Music that has inspired varies from Industrial metal to other melodeath acts and some metalcore.

The other members bring their own experience as well. Jørgen, the bassist (and backup vox), from Baby Heartless and formerly from CreTura, Even from Fretmiden (1st guitar), and Robin from Scourge (2nd guitar and backup-vox). Each bringing an edge and inspiration from different genres like death metal, black metal, symphonic metal, a little bit of pop and Deathcore. 

A big part of this project is also producer and studio engineer Hans Petter, guitarist and songwriter of Once Awake.

(Member on a session/live -basis also worth mentioning is Markus (3rd guitar and backup vox), from Byrde and also formerly CreTura.)

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