WINTEREVE “October Dark” reviewed In Terroraiser Magazine! Sunday September 20 2020, 7:00 PM
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WINTEREVE “October Dark” reviewed In Terroraiser Magazine!

WINTEREVE “October Dark” reviewed In Terroraiser Magazine! Check out the magazine at this link:


“ October Dark ”

For some unknown reason for me, the French group WINTEREVE is releasing their second album without the involvement of any label. At the same time, their material easily pushes aside most of the gothic doom metal releases of the last five years - touching and piercing compositions based on the magnificent vocals of vocalist Mary, but not without the participation of male growling. Cool lead guitar parts running through every song. Sound - what can you say if Dan Swano himself brought everything to mind in his Unisound studio? How such a group has not been grabbed by the world's largest labels is not clear ...

Thrashmentor (9/10)


French female-fronted gothic doom metal act WINTEREVE was incepted in 2013 by Mary (vocals) and Armand (guitar) with the aim of creating music to convey their innermost sense of artistic and poetic beauty through sorrow, darkness and depression. Early influences range from Tiamat , Paradise Lost and Dead Can Dance to Draconian , Katatonia or Dark Sanctuary , to name but just a few. WINTEREVE do not rely on the well-known “Beauty & the Beast” dynamics, though, since all vocal melodies are written and performed by Mary (with some backing vocals occasionally provided by live members on stage when necessary). Their sophomore album “ October Dark ” marks the first collaboration with Dan Swanö, who handled mastering duties at Unisound studio in March 2020.


Mary : all vocals
Armand : guitars, bass, piano and keyboards
Session drums : Seeklone
 *w/ Sébastien Ferrari (guest backing vocals)
 **w/ Sébastien Ferrari (guest spoken word)


1.Olima [06:38]
2.Sea Of Suffering [07:14]
3.The Quiet Desperation [07:52]
4.October Dark [06:22]
5.Call Of The Void [06:05]
6.Forgotten* [05:14]
7.To Die In Your Arms [05:20]
8.Down The Path To Perdition** [11:09]


Première Danse Macabre
EP – 2014
This Winter Will Never End
CD - 2017
October Dark
CD – 2020


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