Conan - Evidence Of Immortality - Reviewed By Zach Moonshine Monday August 29 2022, 2:47 PM
Conan - Evidence Of Immortality - Reviewed By Zach Moonshine

Conan - Evidence Of Immortality - Review 

Once again Conan returns with planet crushing Godzilla stomping riffs that well... Crush the planet! This record, like those before it, has slight moments of experimentation and gives dynamic changes without straying far from what we love about Conan. To fully enjoy and explore the sounds on this monster record I suggest you fire up a fat doobie, put your headphones on and lay back with your eyes closed. 

From the opening track ‘ A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots ’ you know what you have gotten yourself into. A slow chugging riff that sounds like a beast waking from its slumber. The guitar speakers sound like they are rattling out of the cabinet, saturated in heavy fuzz. Not just any fuzz though. This is the fuzz we only get from the iconic tones of Conan. This is one of the things I love about this band. Like many of my favorite bands, I can spot this band just by hearing a few seconds of the guitar without looking. 

Levitation Hoax ', which is the first single from the record, comes out swinging with an almost blast beat and a riff once again so heavy it sounds like a planet imploding. This song takes you through various stages including a somewhat catchy chorus and then into a breakdown that is easily the breakdown of 2022. 

Ritual of Anonymity ', the second single from this record picks the pace back up and gets your head banging again. 

Equilibrium of Mankind ’ slows things down again to a mid-paced grinder. The guitars and bass swirl around you like a cocoon of distortion. Constricting slowly like a giant serpent. I really do feel that Conan's music is so heavy it almost creates its own gravitational pull.

Righteous Alliance ’ brings you up for air again with an opening lead part that almost feels like a nudge to Cliff Burton. 

The record closes with what I feel is the perfect ending. The instrumental track ' Grief Sequence '. Here we have a slow epic audio death complete with the almighty Dave Perry (who played bass / vocals on their tracks from the Slomatics split) on it playing synth and vocoder !  This last track is the definition of funeral doom and it's perfect! But don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and blow your speakers out! 

All hail Conan! 666% from Zach Moonshine!


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