VALVES confirmed at the 6th Edition of the Roadie Crew Online Fest Tuesday September 1 2020, 12:00 AM
VALVES confirmed at the 6th Edition of the Roadie Crew Online Fest

The Heavy / Thrash Metal band from Votuporanga, São Paulo, Válvera , which has achieved great notability in Brazil and abroad, confirmed its presence in the 6th Edition of the Roadie Crew Online Festival , along with 15 other great Brazilian bands.

This online festival is organized by Roadie Crew Magazine, in partnership with the production company Som Do Darma , and will be held on September 11 , starting at 7:30 pm , with an exclusive "Streaming Live" broadcast on the magazine's official YouTube channel, www. .

On the occasion, the band will present in collab format one of the most powerful tracks from their recently released album "Cycle Of Disaster" . Do not lose!

In addition to Válvera , the bands confirmed for this edition are: MX, Sextrash, Anthares, Arandu Arakuaa, Silent Cry, Siegrid Ingrid, Distraught, Chaos Synopsis, Malkuth, Sacrificed, Chaosfear, Dark Witch, Hawake, Tosco and Invisible Control .

"We are very honored to participate in the Roadie Crew Online Fest not only for the festival itself, but also for being with all these competent bands that we are fans of and that are extremely important for any self-respecting Metal fan" , commented Glauber Barreto (vocal / guitar)

Overseas Hours (Time Zone):

September 11th - 05:30 pm - Lima, Quito, Bogotá, Monterrey Time
September 11th - 06:30 pm - Santiago, La Paz, Asuncion, Havana, New York Time
September 11th - 07:30 pm - Buenos Aires, Montevideo Time
September 11th - 11:30 pm - London Time
September 12th - 12:30 am - CET and Johannesburg Time
September 12th - 01:30 am - Moscow Time
September 12th - 02:30 am - Dubai Time
September 12th - 05:00 am - New Delhi Time
September 12th - 06:30 am - Hong Kong Time
September 12th - 7:30 am - Tokyo Time
September 12th - 8:30 am - Sidney Time

"Cycle Of Disaster" , released on August 28th via Brutal Records (USA and Canada), Proper Music (Europe) and Voice Music (Brazil), was recorded at Dual Noise Studio , in São Paulo / SP, produced by the band together with Rogério Wecko (mastering, mixing and sound engineering) and cover art by the experienced Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Machine Head, Metal Allegiance, Kreator). This work has received excellent reviews not only in Brazil but also abroad and is being considered by many as one of the great releases of the year. "Cycle Of Disaster" is already on sale on physical CD in the best specialized stores and also available on the traditional worldwide streaming platforms.

Check out Lyric Video for “Glow Of Death” at:

Check out Lyric Video of "Born In A Dead Planet" at:

Check out Teaser of all “Cycle Of Disaster” tracks at:

Check out “Glow Of Death” Playthrough with Gabriel Prado (bassist) at:

Online store (Voice Music launch) at:

Brutal Records (USA & Canada) for sale at:

Sell Proper Music (Europe & Worldwide) in:


Glauber Barreto - Vocal / Guitar
Rodrigo Torrer - Guitar
Gabriel Prado - Bass
Leandro Peixoto - Drums


"City in Chaos" (Album / 2015)
"Demons Of War" (Single / 2017)
"Back To Hell" (Album / 2017)
"Bringer Of Evil" (Single / 2019)
"Glow Of Death" (Single / 2020)
"Born In A Dead Planet" (Single / 2020)
"Cycle Of Disaster" (Album / 2020)

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