Eddie Vedder plays emotional tribute to Chris Cornell! Sunday June 25 2017, 2:00 PM
Eddie Vedder plays emotional tribute to Chris Cornell!

Eddie Vedder has already paid live tribute to his late friend Chris Cornell numerous times on his current European solo tour. At a recent stop in Belgium, he did so once again, this time reworking the lyrics to a Brandi Carlile song.

Accompanied by a string quartet, Vedder was performing Pearl Jam’s cover of Carlile’s “Again Today”. The rendition was emotional enough, but then Vedder made a subtle change to one of the lyrics; instead of, “I’m sad to say I miss my friends,” he sang, “I know that I’m gonna miss my friend.” In the video below (via Alternative Nation), you can almost hear his voice become shakier as he forces out the words. Take a look:

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