In Chasms Deep Exclusive Premiere Tuesday August 25 2020, 12:00 AM
In Chasms Deep Exclusive Premiere

In Chasms Deep is a one man black metal project from the U.S. The band has evolved
several times since its formation in 2011, but has always remained rooted in black
metal. The latest album combines melodic black metal, with post-metal influences and
atmospheric passages.

The Wind and Her Lament is the 3rd full length album from In Chasms Deep. It mixes
the Black Metal style of previous releases with Post-metal riffing, melodic instrumental
sections, and other metal genres. The Wind and Her Lament is a loose concept album,
with the 4 main tracks all correlating to a different element (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water).
The new album releases on August 28th, 2020.


Bandcamp (Preorders available for limited run of clear purple LP, as well as CD/Digital
versions, and public stream of the first single)

Will also be available on all major streaming platforms on or slightly before release
(Spotify, Youtube, Apple music, google play, amazon, tidal, etc.)

Reviews - Interviews - Promo - Radio Play


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