SIENA ROOT sign with METALVILLE, prepare new album Wednesday December 22 2021, 10:51 AM
SIENA ROOT sign with METALVILLE, prepare new album

Metalville Records is proud to welcome Siena Root to its roster. The band's new studio album, Revelation, will be released on August 19th, 2022.

"Dynamic Root Rock Experience" is the term Siena Root use to describe their music. And it is exactly this experience that makes the Swedes' new album Revelation, so attractive to the listener: an uncompromising mixture of hypnotizing rhythms, heavy riffs, beautiful solos, and emotional vocals. The band fuses eastern acoustic folk melodies with hard rock and Nordic wilderness.

In 20 years of band history, Siena Root have constantly worked on something new, changed their approach, and experimented a lot.

Revelation has become the most versatile in Siena Root's career; the band jumps between strong melodies and beautiful harmonies, led by a fantastic female voice. For this, the band used exclusively analog equipment, as usual. With their incredible range of different styles, the 11 tracks show the band's musical ingenuity, recorded by experienced musicians who have a perfect sense for the right moment when handmade root rock is to be served.

Tracklisting and first track to be revealed in time. Cover artwork for Revelation is as follows:

Sam Riffer - bass
Love Forsberg - percussion
Zubaida Solid - vocals
Johan Borgström - guitar

The Secret of Our Time - Album (2020)
In the Fire - 7” Single (2019)
A Dream of Lasting Peace - Album (2017)
Pioneers - Album (2014)
Conveniently Blind - 7" Single (2013)
Root Jam - Double Live Album (2011)
Kalejdoskop - Live DVD (2010)
Different Realities - Album (2009)
Far From The Sun - Album (2008)
Kaleidoscope - Album (2006)
Mountain Songs  - 7" Single (2005)
A New Day Dawning - Double Album (2004)


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