SCARS - New album and music video are officially released Saturday August 8 2020, 1:54 PM
 SCARS - New album and music video are officially released

The wait is over! “Predatory” , new album by the giant SCARS thrashers was officially released today, August 7 , via Brutal Records (USA / Canada), Proper Music (Europe) and Voice Music (Brazil), and to celebrate this feat the band released the brand new video / single for the emblematic track "Sad Darkness Of The Soul" , whose theme is one of the strongest that the human being has suffered today, the evil of depression. Filled with positive messages, support and help, this video was all directed by Ronaldo Del Vecchio (Na Lupa Produções) and edited by Ulisses Simionato (Santo Filme Produções).

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Since the official return of SCARS activities in 2018, the expectation for new material was great not only on the part of the fans of the São Paulo quintet, but also for the musicians themselves who plunged headlong into this return. That wait did not take long and two new singles, "Armageddon" and "Silent Force" , both produced by Wagner Meirinho (Warrel Dane, Torture Squad) were released in 2019, quenching everyone's anxiety at least a little until a long-awaited successor. of great works from the past, like "The Nether Hell" (EP / 2005) and "Devilgod Alliance" (2008). Some problems arose in the position of solo guitarist until the definitive entry of Thiago Oliveira (Warrel Dane, Confessori), making Régis F. (vocals), Alex Zeraib (base guitar), Marcelo Mitché (bass) and João Gobo (drums) together formed a great unit for what was to come next.

"Predatory" has been acclaimed by specialized critics - who have already had access to the material - as one of the best releases of the year. Also produced, mixed and mastered by Wagner Meirinho, "Predatory" contains 11 tracks, nine of which are totally unreleased and the two singles of 2019 as extras, which rescue the main influences based on the traditional American Thrash Metal. Striking and torn riffs, brutal vocals, extremely technical solos, a very heavy kitchen, all added to strong themes related to the unbridled killing of animals, violence, depression, war, religion and everything that destroys our contemporary world in every way, but without being classified as a concept album since there is no connection between the tracks.

"The human being is a 'single super predator', or 'alpha predator'. Published studies show that man kills other animals at rates up to 14 times higher than other carnivores in nature," says Régis F. (founding vocalist and main lyricist)

The entire process of creating the “Predatory” cover was based on the lyrics of the songs by illustrator and graphic designer, also from São Paulo, Luis Dourado who, masterfully in his first work as a musical illustrator, knew how to synthesize all the ideas behind the lyrics de Régis creating a complex painting and a terrifying environment of a complete apocalyptic and catastrophic chaos of what could be a world devastated by man without mercy.

Check out the video for "Making Of" on the cover of "Predatory" :

Check out the video for "Predatory" at:

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The track list of "Predatory" is:

These Bloody Days
Ancient Power
Sad Darkness Of The Soul
The Unsung Requiem (Instrumental)
Ghostly Shadows
The 72 Faces Of God
Beyond The Valley Of Despair
Violent Show
Armageddon (Bonus)
Silent Force (Bonus)

Check out the band commenting on all "Predatory" tracks at:

"Killing Animals, Burning Forests, Flaming Rivers - The Tears of Gaia."


“Ultimate Encore” (Split / 1994)
“The Nether Hell” (EP / 2005)
“Devilgod Alliance” (Album / 2008)
“Armageddon” (Single Digital / 2019)
“Silent Force” (Single Digital / 2019)
“Armageddon On Tour” (Digital Compilation / 2019)
“The V8 Sessions: Vol.1” (Live) (Digital / 2019)
“Predatory” (Album / 2020)


Régis F. - Vocal
Alex Zeraib - Base Guitar
Thiago Oliveira - Solo Guitar
Marcelo Mitché - Bass
João Gobo - Drums

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Photos by Dani Matos, Na Lupa Produções and Santo Filme Produções

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