Yanomamo stream entirety of "No Sympathy For A Rat" Thursday August 6 2020, 7:18 PM
Yanomamo stream entirety of "No Sympathy For A Rat"

Australia's YANOMAMO have teamed up with Doomed & Stoned to stream the entirety of their new release "No Sympathy For A Rat". The album is set to be released tomorrow.

Listen in full here: https://doomedandstoned.com/post/625544416800768000/yanomamo

Pre-order: https://yanomamo.bandcamp.com/album/no-sympathy-for-a-rat

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Yanomamö are:

Jason Higson: Guitar

Clarence Wandren Albatross: Bass

Jack Thomas: Drums

Scott Tabone: Vocals


Track listing:
 1. No Sympathy for a Rat

2. The Offering

3. Miasma

4. Iron Crown

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