SPKR Introduces Magnetic Eye Records To Europe Wednesday July 22 2020, 5:09 AM
SPKR Introduces Magnetic Eye Records To Europe

Magnetic Eye Records  is a boutique label presenting beautifully-designed and curated records from artists across the spectrum of heavy music. Dedicated to presenting new talent and established names in doom,
psychedelia, classic and stoner rock, MER takes pride in contributing to the legacy of the almighty riff.  Reflecting this, the label's  Redux  series honors landmark albums from artists as diverse as  Jimi   Hendrix Helmet  and  Pink Floyd , re-imagined by the likes of  Matt Pike Mark Lanegan Pallbearer The Melvins  and  Zakk Wylde , and is as critical to our identity as curating a roster of ambitious up-and-coming acts like  WhiteNails Domkraft  and  Caustic Casanova .

First European Releases
Zakk Sabbath
Vertigo -  September 4th
An authentic re-creation of and expansion on Black Sabbath's legendary debut from 1969 by  Zakk Wylde  (Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society),  Blasko  (Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie) and  Joey Castillo  (Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age).
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Various Artists:  Dirt [Redux] -  September 18th The latest volume in Magnetic Eye’s Redux Series revisits Alice In Chains' dark and druggy grunge milestone, reinvigorated by  Khemmis Thou -(16)- Howling   Giant Forming The Void The Otolith  (ex- SubRosa ) and more.
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MER 's   Redux   Series came about from idea that the original groundbreaking albums responsible for the foundations of guitar rock and heavy metal are not only worth revisiting again and again as a listener but also for artists to interpret them anew, thus both paying tribute to them and keeping the music fresh.   MER   therefore became curators and caretakers of these timeless milestones by re-creating and re-imagining them in the new millennium.
Starting with  Jimi Hendrix's   Electric Ladyland   and a succeeding Hendrix best-of, a range of bands both established and up-and-coming was brought together to re-imagine the originals, thus establishing the template for the  Redux   series, which so far encompasses these titles:
Electric Ladyland [Redux]   (Jimi Hendrix)
Best Of James Marshall Hendrix
Meantime [Redux]  
The Wall [Redux]   (Pink Floyd)
Best Of Pink Floyd
Dirt [Redux]
  (Alice in Chains)
Vol. 4 [Redux]   (Black Sabbath)   -   coming soon!
Best Of Black Sabbath   -   coming soon!
Magnetic Eye Catalogue Excerpt:
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