Portuguese raw black metal scene, Cripta Oculta Sunday February 19 2017, 2:27 PM
Portuguese raw black metal scene, Cripta Oculta

Signal Rex is proud to present Cripta Oculta's highly anticipated fourth album, Lost Memories. Hailing from the currently-hot Portuguese raw black metal scene, Cripta Oculta have been dwelling in that darkest underground from the very start, forming in the pivotal year of 2004. For years, the collective honored the ancient traditions of demos and splits, lurking in the deepest and most shadowy recesses, which eventually culminated in the band's debut album, Sangue do Novo Amanhecer, in 2009. More ancient traditions continued before two full-lengths arrived in 2010, Ecos dos Dólmens Esquecidos and Rios que Correram... Rios que Secaram. Then, as fervently as they began, Cripta Oculta receded into obscurity...

..Until now, when the reinvigorated duo return with Lost Memories, through longtime supporters and champions of Portuguese black metal Signal Rex. Verily a summation of the Cripta Oculta aesthetic whilst colored with contours previously unveiled, Lost Memories is an aptly titled experience. Its rawness is confrontational yet fully nuanced; with grimness at every turn, it quickly establishes a cobwebbed atmosphere of dankness and despair. And yet, exploding from the soundfield are an emotive melodicism and passionate execution both generally at odds with black metal this righteously raw. Further, splashes of synth and especially native flute paint Lost Memories in a mysticism that's eldritch and elevating, seemingly shot from a time and locale far, far from modernity. It is through these myriad, unselfconsciously explored contrasts whereby Cripta Oculta deliver their masterwork. As such, Lost Memories will be remembered for ages to come.

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