Pigeon Lake (Hard Rock/Metal from Norway) have signed a deal with Wormholedeath! Wednesday April 12 2017, 7:58 PM
Pigeon Lake (Hard Rock/Metal from Norway) have signed a deal with Wormholedeath!

We are proud to announce that Pigeon Lake (Hard Rock/Metal from Norway) have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their new album "Barriers Fall".

Band statement
«We are extremely happy, proud and psyched to officially announce our record deal with Wormholedeath Records. We've kept this under the lid for a fair amount of time, working on our upcoming album – writing, recording and planning. The pieces are finally put together and we are so hyped and ready to show you what we've been working on
We can't wait to play, say hello and share special moments with each and every one of you, listening to our music. It's time to repay the faith being put in us!»

Release dates
Digital release date : 12th May 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
U.S.A : 7th July 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
Physical release date : 22nd September 2017 (Aural Music Group)
Japan (Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion) TBC

Since the early winter months of January 2012, Pigeon Lake has gradually grown into the eclectic and self realizing band it is today. Treading on a lifeline between metal and progressive hard rock, the Norwegian quartet is set to conquer both your emotions and the world of music! Originating in a small bet and an inside joke, Pigeon Lake was created when founder Christopher Schackt wanted to see how simple and politically incorrect a band could be, while still garnering a fan base. Recruiting childhood friend Andreas Prestby, and bass player Kenneth Stiansen, the three started writing music in the style of Helmet, Volbeat and Tool – while lyrically dabbling with themes such as domestic violence, sexual assault and mental health. The three recorded and self-released the EP «I: Mindrape» in Fall 2012, whilst recruiting Magnus Engemoen on lead guitar. Stiansen was replaced in February 2013 by Anders Børresen, completing the line-up for a few years to come. Ignited by this newfound synergy, the four started coking up a new sound alltogether, resulting in a drastic change of sound – now gravitating towards bands like Katatonia, Stone Sour and the Ocean. The band gigged heavily in Oslo and surrounding areas, including several major cities around Norway. Thereafter, Pigeon Lake headed into the studio in February 2014, to record their first album. In addition to the new sound, this was the first recording where several of the members contributed on vocals, adding to the grandeur of the bands new vibe. The album «Tales of a Madman» was released in August 2014, again by the band themselves, to several excellent reviews in Norway, USA, Germany, Spain and England. The band also gigged heavily throughout the rest of 2014, to promote their album, along with embarking on their first EU tour in February 2015. In the wake of this release, the band was approached by Italian rock and metal label Wormholedeath Records in June 2015. This sparked a reassessment of the current state of the band, and the way forward, with the end result being Børresen and Prestby leaving the band amicably – sometimes life get's in the way, and the four still remain good friends to this date. Shortly after, Jonas Rønningen (drums) and Håkon Bechholm (bass) was recruited to complete the line-up – both being friends with the Engemoen and Schackt from beforehand. From this point on, Pigeon Lake started to write music for their first international release, whilst absorbing the new influences and points of view from their new members. The band brought ten songs into Realsound Studio in Langhirano, Italy, in March 2016, ready to take their sound to the next level. The result was a step up from their previous album, further developing their focus on ambience, raw emotion and groove. 2017 is all ahead of Pigeon Lake – where will you be when they hit your home?"

Band Members
Christopher Schackt (Vocals/Guitar)
Magnus Engemoen (Lead Guitar)
Haakon Bechholm (Bass Guitar)
Jonas Rønningen (Drums)

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