League of Corruption stream entirety of "Something In The Water" Friday June 12 2020, 4:42 AM
League of Corruption stream entirety of "Something In The Water"

Vancouver sludge band LEAGUE OF CORRUPTION have teamed up with Blessed Altar Zine to stream their new album "Something In The Water" in full. The album is set to be released tomorrow via Black Doomba Records.

Listen in full: https://www.blessedaltarzine.com/2020/06/11/league-of-corruption-exclusive-stream

Pre-order: https://leagueofcorruption.bandcamp.com/album/something-in-the-water

League of Corruption is:
Chris Barlow- Vocals and guitar

Brian Langley- Guitar and back up vocals

Drewski- Bass and back up vocals

Paul Trounce- Drums


 1. Save the Church

2. Leave Me Be

3. Not Your Friend

4. Something in the Water

5. Want Me Gone

6. Where’s Your Savior Now

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