Protesters Steal NYPD Radio To Blast 'Breaking The Law' By JUDAS PRIEST Sunday June 7 2020, 8:13 PM
Protesters Steal NYPD Radio To Blast 'Breaking The Law' By JUDAS PRIEST

Protesters who stole   New York Police Department   ( NYPD ) radios reportedly played   JUDAS PRIEST 's classic song   "Breaking The Law"   over the   NYPD   frequency Thursday night (June 4).

According to the   Twitter   account   US Protests: News & Updates , which offers "Breaking news, updates and information on the current protests taking place across the United States", protesters managed to steal   NYPD   radios for the third consecutive night and opted to blast the   "British Steel"   classic as a way of taunting the cops. The same account managed to capture a soundbite of the disruption and tweet it out to the world.

PRIEST   singer   Rob Halford   told   Classic Rock   magazine that   "Breaking The Law"   was conceived from an idea brought forth by guitarist   Glenn Tipton .

"It turned out to be one of the all-time classic metal riffs,"   Halford   said. "As I recall, the bulk of the song was conceived when we were at   Ringo Starr 's old house, recording the album. Great as the music was, the lyrics had their place. And they just arrived out of thin air. Breaking the law: where on earth did that come from? I haven't a clue. But it tapped into an angst that   PRIEST   had never really covered until that point."

Halford   went on to say that he has never gotten tired of performing   "Breaking The Law"   in the 40 years since the song's initial release. "Every night it's a tiny bit different to any other, and I still get a massive adrenaline rush on hearing those twin guitars fire up," he said. "It's also a great crowd participation number. Everyone's had a confrontation with a copper and likes to scream about breaking the law, don't they?" Via Blabbermouth

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