AntiMozdeBeast (Experimental/Industrial) releases new single Tuesday May 26 2020, 1:55 PM
AntiMozdeBeast (Experimental/Industrial) releases new single

Experimental Industrial Noise artist AntiMozdeBeast has shared a brand new single today, 'The Stitch Upon Death's Heel' today via Glacialy Musically blog. The track is the new single from full-length album The Red River, arriving in full this Friday, May 29th via Listen to the track here: 



The artist commented:

“The Stitch Upon Death’s Heel was inspired by a “hallucinatory” experience I had a few years ago. I would consider the track to be a confession of occurrence with the supernatural and how the insight into the unseen world had awakened a deep desire and understanding of life.”



AntiMozdeBeast has already drawn coverage nods from Consequence of Sound, Next Mosh, Pete's Rock Review, Ghost Cult Magazine, Brutally Delicious, and more. The mastermind behind the project is Gabriel Palacio of West Palm, Beach, Florida, who creates all of the music and lyrics, plays all of the instrument and provides vocals for the project. The Red River will be Gabriel's third release in 2020, and fourth since the start of 2019, The Crossroads EP released in February, and the The Political Beat, The Beast of War And the Antichrist in January of 2020.


Drawing influence and inspiration, AntiMozdeBeast slips out of the penumbra to transform anguish into power, as masters before him such as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie Skinny Puppy, CygnosiC and more. Fans of more recent artists such as The Body, Author & Punisher, and Gridfailure will also find an hostile, uneasy alliance with Gabriel on the The Red River


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